Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg has received one letter from his parents and one from May and Vera. He has been to another musical and a show. Studies and sport help pass the time.




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[underlined] 18th July ’44 [/underlined]

Dear Mum & Dad & Fmly, [sic] I have good news this week, Im [sic] very pleased to say I’ve received two letters from you dated the 1st & 23rd April, the latter is from May & Vera. I haven’t heard from Pat yet but I expect her letters will come soon. It’s a great relief to know you are all OK and I hope you are all still well to date. I expected Pat to be on night duty though I didn’t actually know; I will alter her address now. May & Vera’s social activities seem to be pretty full by their letter, still I suppose it’s the “Spring” atmosphere. I’m glad to know my commission came through. I guessed I just missed it, but still I’m thankful seeing I had to land up here, I’m in one piece. I doubt if I shall ever by shifted to an Oflag as it takes ages. I don’t particularly care now as John & I would be separated, he has just got his first letter by the way. With regard to the transfer of pay it will be quite in order for it to be credited with Messrs Glyn Mills & Co. I will write further concerning allotment. I’m glad my kit arrived intact, & thanks in advance for the parcel, please convey my thanks to Unilever’s for their kindness, I must write to them again soon. Well Im [sic] still in the pink, time passes quite fast. I went to hear our Light Classical Orchestra last Saturday, & Sunday I saw a show by the Experimental Theatre Group both were excellent. Classes are recommencing next week. Cricket has come into its own recently & there are some good matches. Must close now I dont [sic] think it will be long before I’m with you again, & I’m developing a great thirst! So I hope you’ll start collecting some refreshment. Love to all

[underlined] Reg [/underlined]


Reg Wilson, “Letter to Reg Wilson's Family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35905.

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