Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg wishes his family a Happy New Year. He reflects on his existence. They had a show and a dance. He says the Red Cross are more than wonderful.




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[underlined] 4th January ’45 [/underlined]

Dear Mum, Dad & Fmly, [sic] Happy New Year to you all at home, & may it bring peace this time. Well its nearly a year since I came to Germany and its a grim thought believe me, thank goodness you cannot foretell the future too much, looking back over the last year seems bad enough, looking ahead for the same thing almost leads to distraction. I think all of us have developed a “Mr Micawber” attitude – waiting for something to turn up – and you all know what that is, lets hope it is not too long, waiting till posterity brings it, cuts more of my years out. 21st Birthday here and now 22nd one and nothing to show for it, except an experience which in my opinion the shorter, the better. I must admit that life here in wintertime has many disadvantages, the days seem long, you’re inside most of the day seem to get in one anothers [sic] way, & its extremely cold, your 2nd next of kin parcel would be handy now if it were here. Perhaps these conditions are the reason for my frame of mind at the moment, but still things might brighten up soon. Over Christmas & New Year we had a good time really, we had a hut show, I saw “Cinderella” in another hut, & New Year we held a dance in the hut, in spite of adverse conditions, and I go to the Theatre next week. Food parcels over Christmas arrived timely, our cooking was above average – our recipes for mince pies, Christmas cake & pudding would enlighten you immensely. The future looks black though unless “something turns up” in the way of food. The Red Cross is our guiding star they are more than wonderful. I do not know when (if it does) our school will open but its hard to do anything lately. Cheerio now, don’t worry this letter is binding, but you know me, its my nature. Love to all at home. [underlined] Reg [/underlined]


Reg Wilson, “Letter to Reg Wilson's Family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35923.

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