Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg writes that he has only had one letter and no recent news from home. The weather has not been good. He looks forward to going home.




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[underlined] 11th March. [deleted] ’44 [/deleted] [inserted] ’45 [/inserted]

Dear Mum, Dad & Fmly, [sic] The mail situation is still pretty grim though I must mention that I had a letter 3 days ago from Mr Dickson he is President of the Unilever Boys Club I used to belong to, and he writes occasionally to me. It isn’t a very recent letter, dated Nov. so there’s a big gap in all your mail. From the 5th Aug. I’ve only had one letter from Pat, dated Oct. her mail seems to be hit the hardest. I often wonder what you are all doing at home these days. I suppose life goes on pretty well as usual for you, and the days slip past fairly quickly. I know you must long for the war to end, and after the over-optimism of last year which I feel sure you experienced as well as I did, it must seem to you to be dragging on far too long now. This is the way with me, and I almost count every hour that passes knowing that it is that much nearer the end. It must be obvious to you that our conditions cannot improve very much now, the Red Cross have a difficult job and I think this makes us watch for the end more than ever. The weather too cannot make up its mind whether to see winter out or not, March came in with a vengence, [sic] snow, sleet, rain & wind, when the weather brightens up it will make all the difference here I’m sure. This week we had a windfall, when a truck from Red Cross came in, this will last us for a few days. I’ve been fairly busy as it was my turn for assisting with meals, and I do a spot of Maths and wireless at odd moments, but must admit its only a spot. By the way I hope you have received my cards asking you about my job after war, or opportunities (if any) in Civil Aviation, this is always an important thing in my thoughts. I must end this scrappy epistle now, so cheerio to all, once again – hope to see you soon

[underlined] Reg [/underlined]


Reg Wilson, “Letter to Reg Wilson's Family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35940.

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