Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg writes he has had no recent mail. The weather is grim. The theatre has closed and the school reopens in a week.




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[underlined] 18th January ’45. [/underlined]

Dear Mum, Dad & Fmly, [sic] Its now just a fortnight since I wrote to you. I’ve had no mail from anyone since those 8 which arrived just before Christmas. Letters seem to be arriving very badly of late, I’m longing for some more news of you all. It does so brighten up this existence, I expect they will turn up in the end, there must be many laying dormant somewhere, and will arrive in one batch. I hope you are now able to send parcels after the temporary suspension in September last. I must consider myself very lucky with regards parcels in comparison to many others, but I think there must be still many of mine around somewhere, including your 1st and 2nd next of kin parcels. Well life here is still as usual only activity is pretty well at a standstill, outside the weather is exceedingly grim and everywhere is deserted, I only go out for walks to get my feet warm about twice a day, for the huts are as correspondly [sic] cold as the weather. Our Theatre has closed down till it warms up again also. Our school opens next week, I’ve only 1 class to attend so I haven’t much to do at the moment. We continue with lectures in the evenings, which are generally interesting and are a welcome break. Food parcels are still awaited from Geneva & we all hope they will come soon, they make life much better. I’m still quite fit & well & I think I’ll remain so. I’ve just finished my week’s washing & I vowed I shan’t do anymore in after life, after this. I hope you are all OK & please remember me to Pat as I cannot write to her this week. Cheerio now, I’m certain I shall be with you very soon now. Love to all. [underlined] Reg [/underlined]


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