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Two ground crew working on an aircraft engine while a squadron leader wearing battledress and peaked cap watches. Submitted with caption '78 Sqn Halifax Eng personnel at work'.

One ground crew and one aircrew sitting on the side of a trailer. Behind is a second, enclosed trailer with a Royal Air Force roundel.

Two men standing on top of a fire engine. On the reverse: "The Fire Officers on the Job" Udine 1946'.

Two airmen, one a warrant officer, standing on a gantry platform by the engine of a Lancaster with open panel.

The three are sitting on a motorcycle. The WAAF is driving and the two men are sitting behind.

Two airmen sitting on the port outer engine of a Halifax during refuelling operations.

Twenty-five airmen in a mixture of uniform in four rows, front sitting, next squatting and the other two standing. In the background the port inner and outer engines of a four engine bomber. On the reverse 'Pocklington 1943, Groundcrew A Flight'.

Article by Carl Ollson from the Illustrated magazine published on 25 March 1944. The article covers the preparations made by the station staff to prepare the aircraft and equipment for an operation. There is a large photograph of twenty Lancasters in…

Twenty men mostly wearing battledress but two with uniform tunics and peaked caps in two lines in front of a Lancaster. Aircrew in back row with some groundcrew are standing, groundcrew are kneeling in front. In the background the Lancaster has 30…

12 airmen under the nose of a Lancaster.

Twelve servicemen, three squatting and four standing on the ground. Five further are on a raised stand or ladder leading to front fuselage of a Lancaster. Notes with names on the reverse.

A book about Turner Field with photographs and text. It covers all aspects of the airfield and the staff working there.

Three photographs of an aircraft on a trailer.
Photo 1 is of five airmen around a truck with a damaged aircraft.
Photo 2 is the aircraft about to move watched by boys.
Photo 3 is a group of nine airmen at the rear of the trailer.

Stanley Archer’s account of his training as one of the first flight engineers for Lancaster operations in 1942. First he attended an air gunnery course then transferred to 97 squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa. He comments on a daylight operation on…

From information provided by the donor. Tom Tobin was a friend of Peters on 153 Squadron. Photograph shows Tom's crew and two of the ground crew before an operation to Munich. Names of crew hand written on photograph.

Top - a group of airmen in various uniform or overalls standing and sitting in front of a line of Tiger Moths. Captioned 'The flight "Mechs"'. Bottom - a row of Tiger Moths in front of two hangars. The aircraft on the left has a group on men in front…

Three 627 Squadron ground crew sitting on their motorcycles in front of a Mosquito. They are Sergeant Ken Flatt, Flight Sergeant Doug Garton and Sergeant Vic Atter. The motorbike on the right is a Matchless, the other two are Aerial Red Hunters. The…

Two of the men are sunbathing and the third man is in RAF uniform.

Three ground crew are sitting on the nose of a Halifax. Painted on is 'The A Train' and a cartoon tiger in front of a maple leaf. 13 operations are marked with painted bombs.

Three airmen identified as the ground crew for Halifax 'Victor'.

Three airmen standing at the rear turret of a Lancaster.

View looking up at three airmen sitting on the wing of a bomber.

Three airmen- two with visible brevet standing in line in front or the rear turret of a Lancaster.
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