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Writes he would be seeing her soon. They were released by British Army the day before and should be sent home in two or three days possibly by air.

Flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers for Jeff Brown, air gunner, covering the period from 18 August 1944 to 31 December 1951. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed…

Vertical aerial photograph of Mailly-le-Camp. Most of the image is obscured by clouds and smoke. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and '841 WKY 3/4.5.44 // NT 8” 7000’ [arrow] 220° 0030 1/2 Mailly-le-Camp Y 1 x 4000 16 x 500 17secs P/O Rollin …
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