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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1941-10"

Left page: top left, invitation to Flying Officer R V Keeling DFC and Mrs Keeling to the wedding of Alice Sharpley and John Keeling.
Top right, six wedding guests including a man and woman in uniform at at Boswell House, North Elkington.

Each page documents a table of attacks on the docks of Malta. The air raids detailed in the table record the raid number, number of casualties, damage (both place and extent) and damage to ships and equipment.


He is moving to a new camp at Sulmona. He has received five letters so far. He asks for a fountain pen.

He has been moved to a camp at Sulmona, near Rome. He asks for a fountain pen.

He has received a letter from his mother. He has left the camp at Prato for a new camp. They are having a concert that night. It is much colder and there is snow in the mountains.

He has received 4 letters and a card. He asks for cigarettes and says he is well.

He has had six letters. He has been walking in the Dolomites and playing sports.

He has received a letter from his mother. They have been given grapes, apples and a mug of wine. There have been sports. He is well.

Transcript of F Dunn's memoir describing life before and after joining the RAF. Includes induction and starting off in the RAF in England and then sea voyage to South Africa and then initial training in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Autographical account of life at the beginning of the war including service in ARP in Swindon. Reasons for volunteering for the RAF. Registered for military service in February 1941. Waiting for call-up. Induction at St John's Wood London and…

Left - an airmen wearing tunic and side cap standing in front a a tree and fence. Captioned 'October 1941 at Colton'.
Right - half-length image of two airmen wearing tunics and side caps outside a brick building with door. Captioned 'Outside the…

Left - two women in civilian dress sitting on a wheeled trailer. Captioned 'Dorothy and Vera, Bank Holiday 1941'.
Centre - an airmen wearing tunic standing next to a woman wearing dress outside a brick built house.
Right - an airman wearing tunic…

Two head and shoulders portraits. On the left an airman wearing uniform tunic. Captioned 'October 1941'. On the right a woman wearing checkered jacket. Captioned 'January 1941'.

A group of 53 trainee airmen arranged in four rows. On the front is a caption 'No 1 Flight No 2 Squadron 10 ITW October 1941' and on the reverse each man has signed his name.

Four rows of trainees and one officer. At the bottom is handwritten '1941 Scarborough'. On the reverse 'October 1941 10 ITW Scarborough'.

Top left - full length image of a couple with young boy in shorts standing between them. Captioned '1937'.
Top right - two airmen, one with sergeant rank, both wearing tunics standing either side of a young man in civilian dress. Captioned 'Bashaw…

Top left - view in poor visibility of a man on skis. Captioned 'Jock skiing'.
Top right - four airmen, one seated at table wearing tunic and three standing behind wearing overalls. Captioned 'Instrument section'.
Bottom left - two airmen wearing…

Text and numerous b/w photographs (some of which are also located in sub-collection albums) covering from immediately before and during World War II - (1939-1946). First page has colour photographs and description of prisoner of war medal. Continues…

Squadron Leader Bob Wareing a prisoner of war. Scunthorpe double DFC baled out from blazing plane. Includes head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet. Account of how message got back to his wife and that he was…

Fifty one airmen sitting and standing in four rows in front of Aberystwyth old town hall. All are wearing tunic and most side caps. Title 'Royal Air Force Aberystwyth, No 4 Squadron, A Flight, 6 I.T.W. November 1941'

Bill Akrill is sixth from…

Bill writes before having to take part in an inter-squadron run that afternoon, which he is not looking forward to. They are all getting excited about the prospect of leave, but if they fail exams this will be cancelled for them.

He describes the…

Letter from Keith Dexter to Phyllis Dexter making arrangements for the following Sunday.

Peter Lamprey writes that he has now spent eight months in the RAF and is still an AC2. He then includes some banter and asks for news of his friends in the services.

Six airmen in uniform tunic and slouch hats. Two are squatting in front and four standing to the rear. In the background part of a tent and a very sparsely wooded hillside. Captioned 'Oct 1941'
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