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Judy has just heard that Ted is a prisoner of war. She tells her news from her new station.

A newspaper report on the bombing of Berlin.

Three items relating to the loss of Ted's Lancaster. #1 is a note about the crew - 4 were killed and 3 baled out. #2 is the reverse of the note explaining that the WAAFs at Edith Weston were very kind to the Forces. Ted sold his logbook and medals to…

Writes that they now have a radio in their hut property of one of a Canadian crew that had moved in. Also he had some Canadian cake that had more fruit in a square inch that an English bakery. Continues about other food. Mentions that he had been air…

Thanks her for wallet and money and was sorry he missed her on the phone. Writes a little of his activities on leave and says he had arranged for he to get birthday cake. Mentions going out with mum and dad on recent leave.

Mentions that he had not done any flying yet and that he had three weeks left to do on his course. At the end he would return to previous base or be promoted to sergeant. Writes that he had had a smashing time the previous week with excellent…

Hopes that he would be home in three weeks and that he had only another three subjects to go. Mentions going to airfield to run up a Blenheim's engines.

Describes camp and comments that he had only been outside once to the local town Barry. Writes of his afternoon out in Barry and describe daily evening routine of fatigues or swotting. Mentions weekly exams and grading system and how well he had…

Writes of waiting for waiting for another selection board and mentions his daily activities, including going into Sheerness. Describes his walk back along cliffs and meeting a crowd of girls. Catches up with news of friends and moans about the…

Writes of jumping into the sea and relates his and a colleagues experiences, including being watched by holiday makers. Concludes with a little gossip and a sketch of a sergeant pushing a man into the sea.

Writes that he had recently attended aircrew selection board and medical and was now back in the RAF. Comments on his exam results and some of the tests that he had to take. Writes that he was finishing his civilian job and speculates on future…

Thanks her for her letter. Relates story of forced landing in Wales due to engine trouble. Comments on his current camp being good but that they got no days off, just 10 days leave every eight weeks. Had good recent leave,

Asks her not to reply as he might be posted shortly. Writes of his last leave. Short letter as he was off to tea parade.

Writes about leave and comments that flying was just a bind, just like sitting in a car and going along but more uncomfortable. Talks about her ambitions of transferring to the navy.

Thanks her for letter and parcel. Was glad she liked photograph. Comments that he had started the real work now. Mud and snow had hardened up but had trouble getting transport to nearest town. Was getting expert and hitchhiking.

Says he was enclosing note paper for her. Ask her opinion on his photograph tinting. Writes of upcoming board and leave, Says he was off to tea in the NAAFI.

Thanks her for letter and parcel. Writes he was on the last lap of training and now on the Halifax Mk 3. Sates letter short as he need to study engines he had not done before.

Writes he has not much news. Comments on daily activities. Asks her to let him know what she thinks of the dog and is annoyed it was chosen without them being there.

Writes that had not replied to her letter but it had only just arrived (envelope enclosed showing address changes chasing him around). Comments on his training activities which include swimming and dinghy drill.

Catches up with news. Comments on lack of activity, just doing guard duty. Mentions being allowed in the Church Army.

Writes that he had not been posted but hoped to go soon. Mentions his activities and new arrivals. Comments on recent university air squadron coming to his location and their duties.

Thanks her for cigarettes she sent. States he is on a weeks holiday. Writes of receiving news from friend who was in hospital. Continues with other news of friends.

Thanks her for parcel. Not much news. Comments on weather and PT, running in local area. States he was going on Halifax.
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