Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie



Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie


Describes camp and comments that he had only been outside once to the local town Barry. Writes of his afternoon out in Barry and describe daily evening routine of fatigues or swotting. Mentions weekly exams and grading system and how well he had done. Comments on accommodation and mentions his colleagues and that weekends would now be working days. Concludes with banter.




Temporal Coverage



Six page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postmark Cardiff 4 September 1943] [postage stamp]

[underlined] W [/underlined] 206227 Pte Doughty,
Joseph Johnsons Hostel,
1, Crescent [deleted] Hotel [/deleted] St,

[page break]

[underlined] 1 [/underlined]

Hut J.8. 2 Squadron
No. 1. Air Crew Training Wing
RAF Station St. Athens
S. Wales.


Dear Winnie,

Sorry I have been so long answering your letter, but it has just reached me from Torquay.

This place is an enlarged version of Eastchurch, but further from a town of any size at all.

As a matter of fact we have only gone outside the camp once since we’ve been here

[page break]

[underlined] 2 [/underlined]

that was on Saturday afternoon, & went to the nearest town, a place called Barry, we left at 3 oclock, [sic] and we got back at 6 oclock. [sic]

We just walked round the town for about 1/2 hr went to the pictures, saw one film & got so browned off we came back.

Still all our evenings are spent either on fatigues or swotting, as we have a weekly exam here, and you are graded. A. B. & C.

A is above average
B “ average & if you get
C it means you have had it.

[page break]

[underlined] 3 [/underlined]

but on our first one today I got [underlined] A [/underlined] (I have to boast about it, because its the only one I’m ever likly [sic] to get.)

We have been doing the theory of flight so far & beleive [sic] me, there’s more on a single wing than I ever though [sic] there was on the whole of a plane.

Tonight I have just finished digging up spuds, so I don’t feel like doing any “genning” (swotting to you).

This course is pretty binding, and some off [sic] the chaps are talking about

[page break]

[underlined] 4 [/underlined]

throwing it in already, but I shall try and stick it, as I dont [sic] see how you can judge a course by one week.

We are in huts containing 30 here, and as all the chaps in the hut are from my old flight, and we all know one another its not so bad. We also have a radio in the hut and that helps a lot.

One of the chap’s has just come in with some new “gen” (information) that Saturday afternoon & Sunday

[page break]

[underlined] 5 [/underlined]

morning are now going to be working days, if that is “pukka” (correct) its just about going to put the lid upon it.

By the way please remember, the explained words, as they are used so often, you just write them down naturally.

Well we are going on to engines tommorrow [sic] having completed the first phrase [sic] of our course, so I’m going to get some shut eye, so I can get a little gen into my thick head. [deleted] [indecipherable word] [/deleted] tommorrow [sic]

[page break]

So [deleted] [indecipherable letters] [/deleted] this is the end of my episle [sic] of events ( I can heard [sic] your sigh of relief).

So best luck


[underlined] Jim [/underlined] 1386802

P.S. excuse pencil as its easier than pen, when in bed.

[underlined] Jim [/underlined]


J C Doughty, “Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 11, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/38986.

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