Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie



Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie


Thanks her for wallet and money and was sorry he missed her on the phone. Writes a little of his activities on leave and says he had arranged for he to get birthday cake. Mentions going out with mum and dad on recent leave.




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Three page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postmark] [two postage stamps]

[underlined] W [/underlined] 206227 Pte Doughty
c/o Mrs Williamson
Frog Island P.O.

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1386802. Sgt. Doughty
c/o Sgts Mess
R.A.F. Riccall
Nr. Selby

Dear Win,

Thanks very much for the wallet & the money, my old wallet was certainly passing the grade I stage, also for the key, although I couldn’t make it fit any lock.

Sorry I missed you on the phone, but may be our next leaves will turn out better, if not I wont be able to recognise you the next time we

[page break]

meet, (you’ll be able to recognise me though, by a bloke walking left chest pushed forward, & a glass panel in my great coat).

Had a pretty good week just lazed around, mended my cycle & just pleased my self in general.

You should have a piece of birthday cake stooging your way, if it does’nt [sic] come along ask Mum for it, its bang on, got marzipan about an inch thick on top.

Whent [sic] out on the beer with

[page break]

Mum & Dad & Mr Stedman, Wensday [sic] night & tried to get Dad & Mum “merry” but they wouldn’t let me, instead I got quite happy myself, but then they ran out of whisky so I came home.

Well my crew & I are now going into “Dogsbody”, the local village, & are going to have a pretty wet night,

So cheerio for now


[underlined] Jim [/underlined]


J C Doughty, “Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 26, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/38989.

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