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For Sergeant B Soltysiak. Gives medical classification and other personal details. For 21 days sick leave then return to unit for ground duty.

Made out for Bronislaw Soltysiak and Mildred Lilian Little.

Contains personal details of Bronislaw Solysiak and some details of employment.

Contains personal details of Bronislaw Soltysiak. Release from Polish resettlement corps for purpose of employment, permission for employment and notices.

Made out for Bronislaw Soltysiak

Died 15 January 1987 and gives other personal details.

Formal certificate of naturalization. On the reverse an oath of allegiance signed by B Soltysiak,

Made out for Mildred Soltysiak

Postcard addressed to B Soltysiak providing national insurance number and blank contribution record.

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A route, with times, flown by Steve Puskas in 'Sweet Adeline' on D Day. The route starts in Yorkshire then Kings Lynn, East of Eastbourne, SSE of Caen, N of Gurnsey, SE of Exeter, E of Porthcawl, W of Stoke-on-Trent then back to base. The aircraft…
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