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Forwards citation from London Gazette on the award of a Distinguished Flying Medal to his son Peter. Would be presented to his legal next of kin by the King.

In the centre a church with tower. In front a graveyard with stones. Trees left, centre and right. Caption with details.

Top - colour photograph of a church tower on the right and a two story house on the left with hedge in front and trees left and right. Captioned 'Constantine village church'.
Bottom - note with some facts about Constantine Cornwall.

List of those local men who sacrificed their lives in the war including Peter Jenkinson. Also list local women and men who served.
Annotated 'Plaque on wall inside Constantine Church near Falmouth, Cornwall'.

Top - newspaper cutting noting that Warrant Officer L P Jenkinson received DFM awarded to his brother Peter.
Middle - photograph with full length image of two men either side of two women. Man on the right is wearing uniform tunic with brevet and…

Letter to I R Jenkinson informing him of award of DFM to his son. Enquires whether he will go to Buckingham Palace to receive it.

Informs he that her son Sgt P R Jenkinson was reported missing from operations on night 28 January 1945. Will inform her if any other information received.

Prisoner of war post to Stalag Luft 3. Wishes him a happy 21st birthday. Hopes he would be home for the next one. Catches up with family news and mentions seeing film. Large section the blacked out.

Top - head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with flight engineer brevet.
Bottom - telegram from Peter Jenkinson announcing he would be home on leave next week and passed OK.

Notes that fund was to be shared between 147 people who served with H M forces. Encloses cheque for £4.0.0 for addressee share.

Expresses regret that his son was reported as missing in action as result of operations 6/7 September 1943 to Munich.

Informs them that their son failed to return from operations.

Written for Cornish aviation society. Welcomes Philip Jenkinson and gives account of his training and operations on 10 Squadron Halifax. Describes being shot down and baling out. Mentions evading, capture and as a prisoner being on a tour of his…

Best wished for Christmas and new year.

From Stalag 357. Mentions upcoming repatriation and would telegram when home. Mentions arrival of cigarettes, sweets and other items as well as a travelling cinema. Writes about Germans leaving behind various types of transport which was used buy…

First informs that name of her son W/O L P Jenkinson was included on a list of prisoners of war who were liberated by the allies. Second states repatriated as soon as possible, last 'leave Birmingham 1.29 today' signed Philip.

From Mrs Jenkinson to Sergeant Leslie Philip Jenkinson at Stalag Luft 6.

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