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Relates story of Lancaster on operation to Berlin being hit by night fighter fire which wounded crew and damaged aircraft. Returning home with wounded crew and belly landed.

An extract including a description of being invited by Dr. Whitelaw to a mansion for Christmas dinner and playing snooker. Accompanied by the words of the song 'White Christmas'.

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Covering the period 3 December 1941 to 1945 it details Jack's initial training, sailing from New Zealand to Canada and subsequent train journey, visiting a fox farm, canoeing, taking exams and getting the results and trips in the snow. Qualifying as…

PSmithRW23010005 copy.jpg
Lions Gate bridge with no traffic, only a few pedestrians.

PSmithRW23010006 copy.jpg
A view of the entrance to Stanley Park, Vancouver, looking north.

PSmithRW23010007 copy.jpg
A postcard of a car full of people partly inside the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park.

PSmithRW23010008 copy.jpg
Four totem poles in Stanley Park.

PSmithRW23010009 copy.jpg
A postcard taken from a river looking up to the snow covered Lion mountain.
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