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Top left shows a building with the caption "ORAN- L'Ecole Ardaillon" also showing the Demaeght Museum.

Top right shows Boulevard Galliéni, with the Chambre de Commerce. Two people are crossing the road with cars parked on both sides of the street…

Jozef's autobiography. He flew with the Polish Air Force and escaped to Romania after the German's invaded. He further escaped to France and flew there against the Germans until he was instructed to head for the UK. He was shot down and taken…

After a spell with 512 squadron mostly transportation flights Sam returned to the UK, flying as an instructor.
A the end of 1943 he returned to Bomber Command, 627 Squadron.
There is a photograph of the squadron grouped in front of a Mosquito.

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Article: headlines: Oran falls to American troops, resistance in Algeria ended, combined assault on Casablanca, British forces land on Mediterranean coast.
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