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An air-to-air oblique photograph of B-29, 487775, in flight over farmland. Scattered cloud.


Four ground crew plus a sergeant inspecting the lower gun turret of a B-29 with it's cowling off. Three of the aircrew, and the sergeant are wearing overalls, the other man is wearing work shirt and trousers. In the background a scaffolding platform…

Nose wheel assembly of B-29 on the ground, captioned, 'Nose Gear'. The wheels are chocked with wooden blocks, joined with rope. Hangars and further aircraft can be see in the background.

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B-29 parked on concrete pan facing left, with ladder up to starboard rear. In the background several Lancasters and other aircraft.

Rear turret of B-29, showing a man wearing a cap inside the turret, with his left hand on a mechanism. He is looking at or through the mechanism. The right side of his face is brightly illuminated. In the background, on the lower left edge, can be…

Tail section of B-29, N91329, showing rear gunner's position, mid upper and lower gun turrets, and skid plate. 137 is on the tail, plus identification flashes. In the background can be see a number of hangers. An aerial runs from the top of the tail,…

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Two upper turrets on B-29, both have their covers off, and each is being serviced by two men. One man on each is wearing overalls and a cap indicating 91st Gunnery Section. The other two men are wearing jackets and leather gloves. The furthest…

Main wheel assembly of B-29 on the ground, captioned, 'Main Gear'. The inside wheel is chocked with a wooden block. The nose gear can be seen in the background.


Front quarter view of airborne Bristol Beaufighter.

Front quarter view of airborne Bristol Beaufighter.

Front view of airborne Bristol Beaufighter.

Top - view of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin with graffiti covered low wall in front. Middle - view of the ruined Reichstagsgebaude, Berlin. Bottom - Douglas C-54 Skymaster on approach to airfield watched by a crowd standing on a pile of rubble…

Newspaper account of Peenemunde operation. Notes attack on secret research and development establishment. Followed United States Fortress attack on Regensburg and Schweinfurt. Desribes all attacks.

A newspaper cutting with news about attacks on U-boat shelters at Farge, an oil storage depot, benzol plants near Hamm, railway targets in the Netherlands, vessels in the Western Baltic, merchant shipping in the Skaggerak and Freisian Islands and…

A large two storey building identified on the reverse as billets at Darr.

Two servicewomen wearing headscarf. The middle figure is shaking hands with a clergyman in full robes. Roman Catholic Bishop shaking hands with two female USAAF members in headscarves. Written on reverse 'Archbishop Spellman in the Marianas' but not…


From Napier Field, Alabama certifies Donald Cameron had successfully completed course of instrument flying. Cartoon goose artwork. Submitted with caption 'Blind Flight Certificate Napier Field Alabama 1943 Don Cameron 173516'.

Colour photograph of the nose of 'Bockscar', the USAF B-29 bomber that dropped the 'Fat Man' bomb over Nagasaki on 9 August 1945. With nose art of railway line with a rail boxcar with wings. Additional information about this item was kindly provided…

Colour photograph of the nose of an aircraft 'Bockscar' USAF B-29 bomber that dropped a bomb over Nagasaki on August 9th 1945. With nose art of railway line with a rail boxcar with wings. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by…

An aircraft recognition card with a side photograph of a flying B17 and on the reverse three silhouettes and technical details.


A leaflet promoting the Bomber Command reunion dinner to be held at Grosvenor House, London on 19th April 1980.

Highlights some of the issues causing lack of precision with bombing. Also mentions problems of weather meant USAAF results despite their bomb site was rarely better that the RAF. Mentions their most successful operation was dropping mines in the…

Headline - Stuttgart badly hit, factories ablaze. Internal headlines - hard-pressed Germans, feeling the strain including some pilot accounts. Bombs in centre - fires joined into one, pilots account of fires. Eluded fighter, another would not fire,…
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