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Notes about the mechanics, operation, stripping, detailed parts and written examination for the machine gun.

Notes covering electrics, theory of flight, engineering science, supercharging, power, fuel consumption and engine use in various stages of flight.

Account of crash of HS-125 onto Vauxhall van assembly block, Luton in which Harold Dryhurts was killed.


Report of inquest into the death in an aircraft crash of Harold Gainsford Dryhurst.


Roy Ellis is now reported as presumed killed in action. There is a handwritten annotation 'Times 15.5.44'

A newspaper cutting with a list of RAF personnel either missing or killed in active service. Roy Ellis is reported missing.

A brief intimation of Jeff's death in Lincolnshire.

A newspaper intimation remembering Flying Officer Jeff Downing and Flight Sergeant Tony Robinson who died in an aircraft accident in Lincolnshire.

A message from thee Lady Mayoress of Melbourne on the news of Germany's unconditional surrender.

Article concerning Sg Harold Moad previously reported missing is now reported as having lost his life. Gives some details of grave, enlistment and age. Mentions his brother is a prisoner of war. Contains full face b/w portrait. Two attached notes,…

A group of aircrew and ground personnel arranged in four rows. Each man is named in the caption.

Large group of airmen arranged in five rows. Each individual is identified in the caption.

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Forty airmen sitting and standing in five rows. All are wearing uniform tunic. S Wearing third row from bottom second from left. R Wearing top row right end.

Article about Scunthorpe double DFC baling out from blazing plane. Relates how news was passed by French woman in a letter to a Canadian who posted it to Mrs Wareing. Robert Wareing was in hospital with burns but was getting better.

Welcome home to Squadron Leader Robert Wareing DFC and Bar after several months in German hands. With head and shoulders photograph.

Pilot Officer Robert Wareing awarded DFC for his part in attack on Brest harbour. His was one of four crews who volunteered. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were in the harbour but was not known if they were damaged.

Nine airmen arranged in two rows at the tail of a Lancaster. Each man is named on the annotation at the bottom of the image.
On the reverse is a stamp with 'RAF Station Leconfield'.

12 airmen arranged in three rows. George Stone is back row, far right.

Five newspaper cuttings. The first refers to the death of George. The second is a list of names and which service they served in. Item 3 refers to George being promoted to Pilot Officer. Item 4 refers to a Remembrance Day service when a plaque was…

A newspaper cutting referring to the shooting down of Victor's aircraft.

Left - messages from Bob Wareing. He was now in Germany and in good health. Mention bailing out, aircraft on fire, after operation to Le Havre. Continues with description of how news of him reached his wife.
Right - Army and RAF pay changes, Table…

Ten airmen arranged in two rows. It is captioned 'No 7 A.G. Instructors Course (Squad 3)' and each man's name is listed underneath.
Colin is front row , furthest right.

Two photographs of trainees.
Photo 1 is of ten airmen arranged in two rows.
Photo 2 is of ten airmen arranged in two rows.
Under each photo are the names of the men.
Each group is positioned in front of the same wooden hut.

Three photographs of trainee airmen.
Photo 1 is 11 airmen arranged in two rows.
Photo 2 is ten airmen arranged in two rows.
Photo 3 is 11 airmen arranged in two rows.
Their names are written under each photo.
Behind each group is the same wooden…

Two photographs of trainees.
Photo 1 is of ten airmen arranged in two rows. Underneath are their names and 'M'.
Photo 2 is of ten airmen arranged in two rows. Underneath are their names.
Behind both groups is a wooden building.
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