Noel Chaffey biography



Noel Chaffey biography


Biography covers Noel Chaffey's RAAF early life, education, training as wireless operator and joining 620 Squadron where he flew 34 operations including D-Day and Arnhem and the Rhine crossing. Includes b/w photograph of a man standing by the rear turret of a bomber.



One page printed document with one b/w photograph


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Noel Richard Chaffey
1922 – 2005


Noel Chaffey standing in front of the rear gun turret of a Stirling. He was a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with 620 Squadron and was a member of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Born in West Tamworth, NSW, in the early hours of October 13th 1922, younger brother of Athol.

Schooled in Tamworth and leaving High School for work in Sydney as an artist on glass with Australian Glass Manufacturers Company.

When old enough I joined the Royal Australian Air Force volunteering for training in Canada with the Commonwealth Training Programme as Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and after 13 months passed out as Flight Sergeant. Ready to join front line forces in England.

Upon arrival first posting was holding centre at Brighton then on to Litchfield, only after two days to find a number of us were posted incorrectly, so on we went to our correct posting at Tilstock and Sleap, Shropshire. Here we were crewed and I got a fellow Aussie for Pilot and the rest were R.A.F. English (6 in all).

We six were to join a Squadron 620, in Second Tactical Air Force, under “Ike” for the remainder of the war. At which time we had completed 34 operational missions, including D-Day, 3 days at Arnhem, and Rhine Crossing – without scratch on either crew or aircraft.

Athol had joined the Gunnery schools of the Army and posted to Darwin to go through attacks by the Japs of heavy bombardments on that city, which was almost wiped out, but he came through with only hearing loss on the heavy AA Battery, of which he was in charge of one of the biggest.



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