Attack on oil targets



Attack on oil targets


Gives account of attacks on oil targets, tank yards and railyards in Nuremburg and Wurzburg by bomber command and United States Army Air Force. goes on to mention other operations including use of ten-ton bomb at Bielefeld..




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Targets-oil, rails

MORE than 1,300 Liberators and Flying Fortresses attacked Germany’s oil targets, tank plants and railyards yesterday following a [underlined] night of heavy attacks by the R.A.F on the railway and industrial centres of Nuremberg and Wurzberg [sic]. [/underlined]
In these two towns large fires were left burning, and Berlin and Hanau were also attacked. Thirty R.A.F bombers are missing from the night raid, in which nine enemy aircraft were destroyed.
The objectives of yesterday’s U.S. bombers’ attack included synthetic oil plants at Bohlen and Ruhland, a benzol plant at Moblis, a tank factory at Hanover, and marshalling yards at Munster.
Germany announced yesterday afternoon that enemy bombers were then over Dortmund and Bielefeld.
Examination of the photographs taken after the daylight attack on the railway viaduct at Bielefeld, against which the R.A.F.s new ten-ton bomb was used for the first time, show the damage to be even more complete than was at first realised, says the Air Ministry.
As the result of the ten-ton bomb attack two viaducts were wrecked over a length of more than 10[missing number] yards – nearly one-third of th[missing letter] overall length of the structure.



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