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Heinz Wiegel's account of the events at Luisenstraße 9 and Große Rosenstraße 21.

Mr Jakob Gockel's account of the events at Oberste Gasse 43.

Margarete F's account of the events at Schäfergasse 39.

Miss Clara A's account of the events at Heckershäuser Straße 10 and Main Cemetery.

Police Sergeant Karl E's account of the events at Police Station no 4 (Reuterstraße 12) and Moltke-straße 8.

Alberto Buvoli recollects his wartime childhood in Udine, when he lived in the railway station area. Describes how furniture was moved to a safer place at the onset of the war and explains air raid precautions, such as leaving the windows open and…

Annotated 'Augsburg, MINOL Filled, SXUHOTML'. ) Shows four bomb loads for operation for seven, six, one and two aircraft respectively. Details preselection, delay and false height settings and other information. Includes weights, zero hour, Window,…

Shows two bomb loads each for a single aircraft. Details preselection settings and includes window, route and marking method. On the reverse marking and bombing instructions.

Rinaldo Sarani reminisces about the bombings of Pavia describing widespread damage at Borgo Ticino and people being extricated out of rubble. Stressed the importance of bridges: ponte della ferrovia, ponte vecchio, ponte dell’impero, ponte della…

Hans-Walter Bendzko reminisces about his wartime experiences as a young boy in Berlin, before being evacuated. Describes his time at Wannsee, being properly looked after while surviving one of the Berlin bombings. Mentions incendiaries falling into a…

Wartime memoir covering Dennis Raettig's training at Blackpool and the posting to 104 Squadron at Royal Air Force Driffield in August 1941. Worked on Wellington aircraft and mentions that Driffield also hosted the blind approach landing flight…

Kenneth Angus lived in Hull, and was 12 when war was declared. He discusses life on a farm after being evacuated, the bombing of Hull and his brother Harry Angus, who was killed flying as a wireless operator / air gunner with 44 Squadron from RAF…

Heinrich G's account of the events at Bettenhäuser Straße 6.

Anna A's account of the events at Hohenzollernstraße nos. 26 and 28, Hindenburg-platz.

Director Seidel's account of the events at Mittelgasse 31.

Franz Kramer's account of the events at Königsplatz, main post office, Lutherplatz.

Friedrich Rost's account of the events at Hinter der Waage 8, Wildemannsgasse 19, pub ‘Zur Pinne’.

Margot K's account of the events at Ahnabreite (Warteberg), Schäfergasse nos. 7 and 9.

Dorothea P and Martha St's account of the events at Franziskusstraße 1, Wildemannsgasse 30.

Fritz Köhler's account of the events at Bahnhofstraße 11, Große Rosenstraße.

Oskar W's account of the events at Government Building, Untere Karlsstraße 16.

Luise G's account of the events at Wildemannsgasse 28, Schule am Wall.
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