Luise G


Luise G


Luise G's account of the events at Wildemannsgasse 28, Schule am Wall.



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Record 52


Translated from the original in German: Present is Mrs Luise G., born 23 October 1919, formerly of Wildemannsgasse 28, now of General-Emmich-Straße 59, and makes the following statement:
When the alarm came, I dressed the children, Dieter, born 15 May 1940, and Marianne, born on 27 March 1939, and we went to the cellar. We had a very good air raid cellar. The cellars in the old town survived on the whole, it was the smoke and the phosphorous which passed from one cellar to the next. The breakthroughs were knocked through and we ran towards Fischgasse. We got out at Fischmann’s wallpaper shop. When we came out, the whole city was on fire. I, my child and my husband, we ran towards the arsenal. Mrs Lange had my Dieter with her. We could not stay in the arsenal because here too burning beams were falling from the ceiling. So we ran up Artilleriestraße. Some soldiers took the children and the luggage. So we came to the school at the ramparts. We stayed there until the following morning. Then my husband went out to look for the little one. He did not find him however. So the three of us went to my husband’s sister in Bettenhausen. We live there now in General-Emmich-Straße. We have heard nothing from our boy. Nothing has been found of him. I saw him last in the cellar near Lautzens’s. That’s in Fischgasse next to Fischmann’s wallpaper shop. At Altmarkt, a woman has been found with a child. The child’s age is not known. We assume that this was Mrs Anna Lange from our house. She had also two children, one has been found and the other one is alive.


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