Director Seidel


Director Seidel


Director Seidel's account of the events at Mittelgasse 31.



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Record 39


Translated from the original in German: Present is Director Seidel (town hall) and gives the following statement regarding the death of his brother, the tobacconist August Seidel:
My brother was a burly and energetic man. In the war, he distinguished himself as a combat patrol leader. He also served in the air protection service. I have found out about him that he was still alive about half ten of the night of terror. The house had been hit by a few incendiaries but my brother had put them out still during the raid. The blaze was, however, getting closer. So the residents wanted to leave the house. On the basis of his training, my brother believed that he could still save the house. He also did not want people to walk through the sea of fire and tried to prevent them by force from leaving. They left nevertheless, however, and saved themselves in that way. My brother stayed back with his wife. They two of them were killed in action.


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