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Four aircrew stand by rear fuselage of a Hampden while four ground crew are under port wing and engine.

Hampden P4389 with squadron letters 'VN' parked on airfield.

A group of airmen gathers round a Hampden with undercarriage up on grass. Crane by the tail and man in cockpit. Squadron letters 'VN'

Five airmen standing in front of rear fuselage of a bomber with squadron letters 'VN'.

A large group of airmen wearing tropical uniform sitting and standing in four rows in front of the rear fuselage of a Lincoln with squadron letters 'VN-G'.

Seven aircrew wearing battledress, one holding a dog, standing in front of rear fuselage of a Lancaster with squadron letters 'VN-M' and registration 'RF267'.

Air-to-air view of airborne Hind at low level from 50 Squadron, registration 'K6741'.

Two Hampdens parked one in foreground 'QX-D' and one behind 'QX-F'. In the background left a hangar.

Side view of an airborne Lincoln letters 'VN-C' flying past Lincoln Cathedral.

Side view of a Lincoln letters 'VN-D' airborne just above runway (landing). In the distance hangars and a runway control caravan on left.

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for A Woolley, flight engineer. Covering the period from 6 July 1943 to 25 June 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at 1654…

Hampden with squadron letters VN-J in a field with some undercarriage up.

A resume of 'Jack' Whymark's family and service career. Includes extracts from Jack’s diaries, details from his logbook and histories of the crew and passengers of Lancaster PA278.

Les Rutherford was called up for the Army just short of his twenty first birthday. He was in France at the time of Dunkirk and made it to the beach of St Valery where they were under constant bombardment. He and another soldier found a door and…

Extracts from Peter Baxter’s Flying Log Book as Flight Engineer from February 1938 until 16 June 1946. The extract only includes his flying record and is missing front and end covers, details of postings and aircraft flown.

After pre-aircrew…

Covering the period 3 December 1941 to 1945 it details Jack's initial training, sailing from New Zealand to Canada and subsequent train journey, visiting a fox farm, canoeing, taking exams and getting the results and trips in the snow. Qualifying as…

Ronnie Abbott’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book between 14 July 1936 until 20 September 1945. Underwent pilot training at Hamble Flying School, No. 6 Flying Training School, No. 5 ATC, before being posted to 50 (B) Squadron. In August 1945 posted to 21…

Ronnie Abbott’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book between 1 May 1934 until 29 September 1937. Initially as an air gunner with 8 (B) Squadron in the Middle East before transferring back to England in 1937. Underwent pilot training with 50 (B)…

The Roll of Honour 1939-1945 for 50 and 61 squadrons. The squadron crests are illustrated together with their mottos.

This item is available only at the University of Lincoln.

With the identification VN-N on its fuselage, a Lancaster with crew members seen in the cockpit. The wings display the type B roundel and the tail has red and blue fin flash markings. It is labeled 'The Lancaster Bomber in Flight'.

Airmen standing by an aircraft. Kenneth James Broderick can be seen sitting on the wing wearing a flight jacket. The identification of the aircraft reads " D-VN".

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Rositz. No detail is visible on the ground.
It is captioned '4438 Skell. 14/15.2.45//NT/ (C). 8" 8500' 354° 2108 Rositz. T. 1HC4000IN.4MC500DT.4ANM64DT.6MC500LD. 21 secs. F/L.…

A vertical aerial photograph of an operation at Harburg. Very little detail is visible on the ground but there are several light flashes.
It is captioned '3528 Skell. 11/12.11.44//NT.8" 18250' 130° 1918 Harburg. T. 1HC4000IN.14CP14. 29 sec. F/L…
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