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A vertical aerial photograph of South West Hanover, delimited by Bückeburger Allee and Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. Captioned '(T) Ched 23.5.45//7" J 218'. On the reverse 'Crown Copyright Reserved' and 'Hanover'.

Identification kindly provided by…

A vertical aerial photograph of Munster captioned 'Following photographs taken whilst on a Cook's tour of Bomb damaged Germany'.
The photo is captioned '(T) Ched 23.5.45//7" J 218'.
On the reverse 'Crown Copyright Reserved' and 'Munster'.

Navigator’s, air gunner’s and air bomber’s flying log book for W C Jones, wireless operator, covering the period from 13 December 1943 to 23 May 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Madley, RAF…

A review of 'The Eight Passenger' by Miles Tripp. Miles Tripp was a bomb aimer with 218 Squadron. In the book the author explains his efforts to reunite with his former crew.

Three photographs and copies plus One Mess Card from an album.
Photo 1 is an aerial photograph of Hamburg. On the reverse is '440'.
Photo 2 is an aerial photograph of a bombed city. On the reverse is '440'.
A mess card for RAF Chedburgh,…

Photo 1 is of a crash site, captioned ' "Tubby" Spears buys it.
This is probable that this was Donald Seymour Spiers of 218 Squadron. He died 22 April 1945 when Lancaster NF994 crashed at Depden Green.
Photo 2 is of a crash site, captioned '…

The cover of a photograph album. A note has been added to the cover -
'218 Squadron
Chedburgh 1944-45
Personal photographic history of W/O Jones WC - 1852503
Do not destroy'.

A planning log used for a practice operation on Skegness. The map shows a route from near Grantham, South East to near Cambridge, East over Orfordness to a point off the coast of Holland then north east to a point off the Freisan Islands then back to…

The planning log used for an attack on Bremen. Map shows a route from near Peterborough indirectly to Cromer due east then north to Wilhelmshaven then Bremen and indirectly back to base. Again there are annotations relating to winds and times. On the…

Three Stirlings in open formation flying over East Anglia in 1943.

Lawrence Rogers joined the Royal Air Force at 17, and trained to become a wireless operator. He served with 218 Squadron at RAF Woolfox Lodge and then with 75 Squadron, flying in both Ansons and Lancasters, He eventually completed 32 operations with…

Ray Parke worked on the railway before joining the RAF in 1943. Remembers flying forty operations as a flight engineer with 218 Squadron by the time he was twenty. Tells about operations on Essen and the Ruhr. Discusses the Dresden operation, giving…

Charles left school with no formal qualifications and was undertaking further education when the Second World War commenced. Being too young to enlist, he joined the Air Defence Cadet Corps and - upon reaching 18 - he eventually was able to join. He…

William Jones was a wireless operator on 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron. He met his future wife Stella in 1946, who recalls the wartime experiences of her late husband. Having just left school at the outbreak of war, William initially worked in an Oxford…

Mervyn Jones is a miners son from Wales. His father wanted a different life to that of a miner for his son and the family moved away to Slough where was plenty of work. Mervyn had always had trouble with his ears and so his father assumed he…

Jack Jarmey was born in Romford Essex. At the age of five. following the death of his father, Jack moved to live with his grandparents in Illfracolme. Despite excellent results in all his subjects at Grammar School Jack left school at 15 to work in…
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