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Number 172-31. No mail. Writes they are following daily progress of events but time passes slowly, Mentions library and cut in Red Cross parcels. Reports good health but still problems with violin practise.

Vertical aerial photograph of Brescia. In the lower half the Breda works and the railway line are visible; the top half is obscured by tracers, explosions and bright lights. Captioned '1972 40/2 17 Sept 44 F8//NT 7100' [arrow] 300° 2046 Brescia R.…

Target photograph of Hopsten airfield. The lower right side is obscured by cloud or explosions. The left side of the image has been damaged. Captioned '5B.5B 66 WKY 16/17.9.44//NT 8" C 15000 [arrow] 120° 23.25 1/2 Hobsten [sic] Airfield J 20x500 27…

First page records three flights 8/14/19 August 1945 in Lancaster as duty rear gunner. Page two records operation to Duisburg 21 February 1945 'missing' and repatriation flights in C-47 and Lancaster on 8 May 1945. Page three records flight to Berlin…

Taken from inside a Lancaster, looking to the starboard side from the rear door. An engine is on a crane with several ground crew working on it. On the reverse 'Archangel (Yagodnik) 17.9.44 Engine Change on PB415'.

Flight Lieutenant Knights and crew. Ernie Twells is third from right, standing in front of a Lancaster. Flight Lieutenant Knights is third from the left.

The two starboard engines of a Lancaster viewed from inside the aircraft. In the background…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 17 September 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked. One crew is flying with second pilot. Includes duty personnel.

Target photograph of Boulogne. Rural area, top right obscured by smoke and dust from bomb explosions, roads and many bomb craters visible. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '2814 Skell 17.9.44 // 8" 7000' [arrow] 150° 0944 BOULOGNE…

Target photograph of Boulogne. Top right half of photograph obscured by smoke, visible area rural, many craters. Captioned '8°F', '6B', '2805 SKELL 17.9.44 // 8" 8000' [arrow] 142° 0943 BOULOGNE RD. E. 11X1000, 4X500. C24secs. F/O. DYKINS …

Target photograph of Boulogne. Left side of photograph obscured by smoke and dust, visible area is rural. Many bomb craters. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '2820 SKELL 17.9.44 // 8" 8000' [arrow] 150° 0942. BOULOGNE RD. U. 11X1000. 4X500. C24secs. F/O…

Target photograph of Boulogne. Rural area, smoke and dust obscures much of the photograph, many craters visible. Captioned '8° F', '5B', 2897 SKELL 17.9.44 // 7000' [arrow] 160° 0946 BOULOGNE RD. Z. 11x1000, 4x500. C24secs. F/O FIRMIN G. …

Aerial vertical view of a glider landing zone with Horsas scattered across four fields with a well defined track crossing from bottom left to top right.

The photo was taken on Sunday 17 September 1944 between 13:00 and 13:20. It shows landing Zone…


Aerial vertical photograph of a glider landing zone at Arnhem. Numerous Horsas are scattered over six large fields and some are in a wood. Two in the left foreground have collided.

The photo was taken on Sunday 17 September 1944 between 13:00 and…


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