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Having completed 33 sorties and in recognition of his 'meritorious service' and consistently good bombing results David is recommend for the award by his wing commander, group captain and group commander.

He has received two letters from his mother. He has had some war news which he says is very cheering. They are short of Red Cross parcels and cigarettes.

He has had no mail. His dental work should be complete with seven teeth extracted. The weather is much better. He is in good health and spirits.

He has received two letters and a clothing parcel. He asks for chocolate, socks, toothpaste soap 'etc'. He is getting his top teeth taken out. He is in good spirits and healthy.

Left - head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic and side cap. Captioned 'Aircraft hand general duties u/t flight engineer, August 1942'.
Right - three airmen wearing tunics, two sitting in front and one standing behind. Captioned 'No 3…

Includes early life and marriage. Joined the RAFVR and served on 9 Squadron and served full tours on Whitley, Halifax and Wellington. Mentions his pilot and award of DFM and promotion. Went to 97 Squadron in 1943. Was navigator/bomb aimer. Gives…

Ten photographs taken during a crossing of Canada.
#1 is a view towards the steam engine across various coaches. There is a lot of snow by the tracks.
#2 is an arrivals board for the Canadian Pacific Railway at Chapleau.
#3 is the station at Fire…

Class of RAF cadets in four rows, submitted with caption; “No 7 ITW. Newquay, Cornwall Jan ‘43”

Capitulation near Stalingrad of Field Marshall Von Paulus on 30 January 1943 and General Streicher on 2 February 1943. Defeated Sixth Army comprised 330,000 men. General Giraud, High Commissioner in North Africa, working closely with General De…

View along a road with buildings on left side. One has sign outside. On the reverse 'Eton Wick road, Windsor castle in the background. Eton College round the corner'.
This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better…

These pages are mostly biography of Sam's time in Egypt and his time with transport aircraft in the Mediterranean region.
Photos 1, 2 and 3 are scenes from Cairo.
Photo 4 is a side head and shoulders profile of Sam.
Photo 5 is a Battle aircraft in…

This edition covers an Editorial, poems, the padres notes, romantic fiction, a car chase in London, a list of expenditure of the station's social funds, recollections of flying in the Great War, Christmas stories, Officers Mess gossip, a story about…

A starboard side view of a C-47, engines running in the snow. It is annotated on the reverse 'A Yankee comes in to show us a big "ship". NUTS. Jan '43'.


The Harvard in a near vertical climb. On the reverse 'Ross takes the Harvard into a loop on a Winter evening. SFTS 42'.
On a second photograph an airfield with many aircraft can be seen under the wing. It is captioned 'I bank over Scoudouc 'Drome…

11 airmen (10 with training flashes on caps) arranged in three rows in front of a corrugated steel shed. It is captioned with the names of all the men: Chris Booth, Ron Broadley, Len Davis, Charley Cross, George Blyth, Frank Baker, Frank Appleby, Syd…

Article headlines: 'We raid Berlin twice in a day', Goering is "Blown Off the Air" by RAF, explosions heard over wireless, only one bomber missing. Recounts two daylight attacks on Berlin on 10th anniversary of Nazi Germany. Operation carried out by…

Article 1. Headlines: Mr Churchill meets Mr Roosevelt, ten days conference at Casablanca, plans for this year's offensives, unconditional surrender for the axis, de Gaulle sees Giraud, Article 2. Headlines: trapped Stalingrad armies liquidated,…

Two photographs. On left general Montgomery standing in an open topped car driving down a street with troops lining road and walls of city in the background. On the right head on view of Scottish troop with bagpipes marching in street. In the…

Article headlines: Siege of Leningrad lifted, Schlüsselburg captured after 7-day battle, fighting in the streets of Kamensk, rout of 4 German divisions.

Article 1. Headlines: 'Millerovo retaken by the Red Army, Russian reported across the Donetz, Rossosh in Soviet hands again, final assault on Sixth Army'. Article 2. Headlines: 'New attack launched by Eighth Army, Rommel withdraws from whole of…

Article 1. Headlines: Russians sweep in over Kalmuck steps, Germans in full retreat S.W opf Koteliniko, more railway towns captured, four enemy divisions destroyed. Article 2. Headlines: the Algiers arrests, political moves behind Giraud, added need…

Top left: cast standing on stage in variety of costumes. Captioned 'D27 NCO's Panto "Aladdin" Stalag Luft 3. Jan 43'. Top right: three actors on stage, one in jacket and tie, next in Chinese costume and last dressed as female. Captioned 'D28 NCO's…

Top left: two actors on stage one standing in female Chinese costume and the male kneeling. Captioned 'D21 NCO's Panto "Aladdin" Stalag Luft 3. Jan 43'. Top right: 10 actors on stage dressed as dancing girls. Captioned 'D22 NCO's Panto "Aladdin"…

Top left: poster with eight faces and dancing girls for grand Christmas panto Aladdin. Captioned 'D33 NCO's Panto "Aladdin" Stalag Luft 3 Jan 43'. Top right: 13 actors on stage some in drag. The middle three are playing musical instruments.…
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