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37 airmen arranged in four rows in front of a hangar.
On the reverse ' "C" Flight RAF Station Greenwood Nova Scotia No 36 OTU Hudson III
Back Row Pilots RCAF
2nd Row Standing Observers RAF
3rd Row Seated Air Gunners RCAF
Front Row Kneeling…

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Text and numerous b/w photographs (some of which are also located in sub-collection albums) covering from immediately before and during World War II - (1939-1946). First page has colour photographs and description of prisoner of war medal. Continues…

Four photographs, the first captioned 'Sunset from the highway between Eureka and Crescent City.'
The second has a river its banks covered in trees, hills in the distance, captioned 'Eel River.'. The third has a group of tall trees flanking a road,…

Four photographs the first is of the bridge with hilly coast line captioned 'The bridge from Presidio. A clear span of 4200 ft, height of towers 740ft'.
Second captioned ' Ocean and mountain scenery from the bridge'.
Third is a full span of the…

First page has four photographs, the first a close up of one of the enclose suspension cables appearing to sit on a young ladies shoulder, captioned, 'An American Miss holding a suspension cable'.
The second shows a semi circular tunnel captioned…

Two pages, the first has one photograph of central San Francisco captioned 'A few of San Francisco's skyscrapers'. with some of them named.
A second photograph has been removed.
The second page has four photographs, the first is of an imposing…

Two album pages captioned 'The Canadian Pacific Rockies, passed through them on the way to Vancouver, November 1942.'
The first page has five photographs, the first has a train on a bridge crossing a rocky canyon, captioned 'Stoney Creek Bridge'.…

Four album pages, the first page is captioned 'No 31 E.F.T.S. R.A.F. De Winton, Alberta, Canada. September-November 1942'. It has five photographs.
The first has a Tiger Moth over snow covered expanse, captioned 'Tiger Moth about to take off'.…

Contains tables of bird watching activity and descriptions of birds; list of books; a large number of photographs of civilians, fellow prisoners including one of Wing Commander Day (Senior British Officer) and a Wellington. Followed by list of names…

Covers 467 Squadron formation at RAF Scampton and move to RAF Waddington. List station and squadron commanders and statistics from operational record books including first and last operational sorties, operational sorties attempted, reasons for…

Posted to motor transport section of 77 Squadron at RAF Elvington in November 1942. Writes of duties, location and social activities. Mentions commanders and feeling part of the squadron. Posted to RAF Sandtoft in 1944. Gives dates of service June…

These pages are mostly biography of Sam's time in Egypt and his time with transport aircraft in the Mediterranean region.
Photos 1, 2 and 3 are scenes from Cairo.
Photo 4 is a side head and shoulders profile of Sam.
Photo 5 is a Battle aircraft in…

A chart of Tripoli Harbour to be used for reporting enemy shipping.

Roy Chadwick stands in front of a Lancaster talking to H M The Queen. To the left King George VI and a group of dignatories look on. In the background left a hangar, to the right spectators and another hangar. On the reverse 'Woodford aerodrome Nov…

Roy Chadwick stands talking to the Queen. Above and right the nose of a Lancaster. Behind them a group of dignitaries and in the distance behind are spectators and a hangar. On the reverse 'A V Roe & Co Ltd, at Woodford aerodrome Cheshire. Allied…

Transcripts of nearly 50 telegrams between Douglas Hudson and his parents between August 1941 and November 1942.

The wing of a Harvard as it lands on a snowy airfield. On the reverse 'We slash down the runway on a Winter morning. What's snow & ice to men like us!!! Cheers, I'm half dead with cold. Nov 42'.

Article 1. Headlines; Mr Churchill's warning to Italy, new offensive from African spring-board, towards a climax in Russia. Article 2. Headiness: Italian mutiny at Piraeus, troops take to brigandage. Italian troops refusing to embark for Africa.…

Article 1. Headlines: big Russian push on Moscow front, Soviet troops advance 20 miles over wide area, 10,000 Nazis die, five divisions routed: 300 localities liberated. Article 2. Headlines: Tunisia: Germans on defensive, forces await British push…

Article 1. Headlines: French fleet scuttled in Toulon, crews act as Germans seize town, not a ship left afloat, Hitlet's excuse for a broken pledge. Article 2. Headlines: The Toulon fleet, the effect of long disuse. Includes battleships Dunkerque and…

Headlines: the retreat from Stalingrad, another 12000 prisoners taken, Russian grip on vital railways, axis reports new soviet offensive at Kalinin.

Headlines: battles of pursuit at Stalingrad, disorderly axis retreat in the north west, 15000 more prisoners taken, hour of reckoning has struck. German forces threatened with encirclement.
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