467 Squadron RAAF - Operations from RAF Bottesford and RAF Waddington



467 Squadron RAAF - Operations from RAF Bottesford and RAF Waddington


Covers 467 Squadron formation at RAF Scampton and move to RAF Waddington. List station and squadron commanders and statistics from operational record books including first and last operational sorties, operational sorties attempted, reasons for failures of sorties and numbers of crews, total numbers of operations, aircraft and crews lost. List crews still on operations and details of crews killed or lost in accidents.

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[underlined] 467 SQUADRON - R.A.A.F. [/underlined]

Operations from R.A.F. Bottesford and R.A.F. Waddington.

[underlined] ACKNOWLEDGMENTS [/underlined]

Grateful acknowledgment is made for the help with 463 and 467 Squadrons Registers to -

Mr. P. K. (Peter) Dale of Canberra, for his difficult and tedious job of photocopying the entire Operational Records Books.

Mr. Jock Ross, Curator of R.A.A.F. records, Air Historical Branch Dept. Defence, Canberra, for his untiring assistance and research.

Mr. M.G. (Max) Johnson of Brisbane, Qld., for his invaluable and untiring assistance single handed over many months in printing nearly 6,000 pages for the ten copies of each Register.

Mr. John Harrod, N.S.W. Branch 463/467 Sqdn. Assn. for his ever ready assistance and advice.

Mr. Stan Bridgeman of Welwyn Garden City, U.K. for his help and [inserted] ADDRESS OVER [/inserted] research in the U.K., and agreeing to be the Custodian of the Registers in England.

Not the least a long list of 463/467 Squadron Association people who have helped with advice and log book corrections.

Without the help and advice of these people, I would surely have quit when I had assembled my first notes and realised the magnitude of the task and the impossibility of it being really correct, due to the errors and omissions in Operational Record Books, in particular aircraft and numbers and replacements, then the omission of R.A.F. personal numbers and initials.

[underlined] INTRODUCTION [/underlined]

1) There are several points to note:

2) Page 1/2 - 467 Squadron’s history.
Page 3/5 - Crew information.
Page 6/7 - Squadron groundcrew.
Page 8/11 - Pilots Register.
Page 12/52 - Crewmans Register (see note below*)
Page 53/66 - Aircraft and crews lost.
Page 67/321 - Pilots pages with crews (Listed alphabetically).

* To find crewman, one looks up his name and then refers to his Pilot’s sheet

There are a number of individual contributions and personal stories which cannot be included in the Register. We propose to produce them in a separate folder in due course.

[underlined] 463/467 Squadrons Historian [/underlined]

[underlined] Special Note [/underlined]
The register of operations cease, V.E. Day Europe 8-5-1945.
[underlined] 1985. [/underlined] There are a number of postings, in and out to the Squadron between 8-5-1945 and disbandment which are not recorded here.

[page break]

[underlined] 467 SQUADRON - R.A.A.F. [/underlined]

[obscured word] Squadron was formed at SCAMPTON, LINCOLNSHIRE 7-11-42.
[obscured word] to BOTTESFORD by 30-11-1942. Moved to WADDINGTON 11-11-1943.

Bottesford Station Commanding Officers: G/C. SWAIN, F.R.O: OBE:DFC.
From 3.3.43. - G/C. McKECKNIE, W. N: DFC.

[underlined] 467 SQUADRON moved to WADDINGTON 12.11.43 [/underlined]

Waddington Station Commanding Officers:

31.3.44. G/C. D.W. BONHAM-CARTER, CB, DFC.
14.4.45. G/C. E.D. McK.NELSON, CB.
1.8.45. G/C. D.D. CHRISTIE, AFC.
24.8.45. G/C. A.E. TAYLOR.

7.11.42. W/C. C.L. GOMM, DSO, DFC. - - - KIA 16.8.43.
19.8.43. W/C. J.R. BALMER, DFC, OBE - - - KIA 11.5.44.
12.5.44. W/C. W.L. BRILL, DSO, DFC & Bar - - Died 1964.
12.10.44. W/C. J.K. DOUGLAS, DFC, AFC. - - KIA 8.2.45.
9.2.45. W/C. E. le P. LANGLOIS - - KIA 3.4.45.
4.3.45. W/C. I.H. HAY, DFC. - - To disbandment.

F/L. A.D. McDONALD (A18121); F/L. J.M.W. LOVE.

467 SQUADRON moved to RAF METHERINGHAM 16.6.45 and were disbanded there October, 1945.

First Operational Sortie - 2/3.1.1943 - To FURZE - Minelaying.
Last Operational Sortie - 25/26.4.45 - To TONSBURG.

[underlined] OPERATIONAL SORTIES ATTEMPTED: [/underlined]
No. of a/c actually took off on operations: 3977
No. of Operational sorties completed: 3795
No. of Operational sorties failed: 182
[underlined] REASON FOR FAILURE OF SORTIE: [/underlined]
a/c failed to return - listed missing 105
a/c early return due to Engine Failure: 28
a/c early return due to Electrical Failure: 10
a/c [ three ditto marks] to Armament Failure: 9
a/c [ three ditto marks] to Oxygen Failure: 9
a/c [ three ditto marks] to Instruments, radio, intercom failure: 12
a/c [ three ditto marks] to Ice in flight & ice damage: 6
a/c [ three ditto marks] to Navigational Error: 3

No. of Sorties completed in a/c damaged by Enemy Action: 230
No. of Aircrew listed inOperational Record Books as flown on ops from 467 Sqdn, RAAF: (inc. RAF, RNZAF, RCAF): 1814
No. of Aircrew listed in ORB’s as War Casualty from 467 Sq: (includes RAAF, RAF, RNZAF, RCAF): 760
No. of whole crews posted to 467 Sq. for Ops: 258
No. of whole crews finished tour of ops - 30 or more: 74
No. of whole crews lost on Ops: 115
No. of whole crews still operating when hostilities ceased 8.5.45. and not tour expired: 31
No. of whole crews posted to other Squadrons during tour: 34
No. of whole crews with no Ops. before hostilities ceased: 4
No. of crews from 53 Base who flew on ops from 467 Sqdn and not listed as posted to 467 Sqdn. 6

[page break]

467 Squadron R.A.A.F. - CHANCE ?

Number of crews who flew on Operations from 467 Sqdn. = 257
Number of Operations completed by 467 Sqdn. = 3795
Average number of Operations flown by each crew 467 Sq. =14.76

Number of Lancasters flown by 467 Sqdn. =225
Number of Operations completed b 467 Sqdn. = 3795
Average number of Operations flown by each Lancaster = 16.8

Number of crews lost on Operations from 467 Sqdn. = 115
Number of crews posted in for Operations = 257
Chance of finishing a tour - 2.59

Number of personnel listed in Casualty List and their nationality:

R.A.A.F. 382; R.A.F. 355: R.C.A.F. 28: R.N.Z.A.F. 3.

[page break]


[obscured word] still on ops 8.5.45

[obscured letter] asch M G 25 8.5.45
Baker L W 21 8.5.45
Blair John 23 8.5.45

Burr R B 4 8.5.45
Coffey R 10 8.5.45
Conachty Vin 16 8.5.45
Dixon R D 12 8.5.45
Donaldson R 4 8.5.45
Emery N A 14 8.5.45
Fast D E 13 8.5.45
Findlay A C 13 8.5.45
Clark J B 24 8.5.45
Glaholm N 2 8.5.45
Goodall F C 18 8.5.45
Hancock J R 3 8.5.45
Hay I H A 7 8.5.45
Hunter Reg 25 8.5.45
Evans T E 25 8.5.45
Holbrook D J 18 8.5.45
Hudson HH 8 8.5.45
Hutchin A E 4 8.5.45
Jackson J C 10 8.5.45
Marcovitch M 4 8.5.45
Miller P K 3 8.5.45
Nissen C H 4 8.5.45
Palmer R R 11 8.5.45
Peirce P A 8 8.5.45
Pilkington G A 18 8.5.45
Morris Jim 21 8.5.45
Robinson G L 12 8.5.45
Ryan J F 1 8.5.45
Shanehan Peter 26 8.5.45
Stewart C F 6 8.5.45
Swift R A 18 8.5.45

Crews killed or lost in accidents

Allanby W V Crashed 6 3.1.45
Horton P K [ditto mark] 1 12.6.44
Nancarrow J [ditto mark] 0 3.8.43

Crews lost on ops 1.12.42 to 8.5.45 = 99
Crews finished a tour = 80
Crews posted out still operating = 24
Crews still operating 8.5.45 = 34
Crews with no ops 8.5.45 = 3
Captains lost 2Nd pilot = 6
Crews lost in accidents = 3
Station comanders [sic] on ops Sqdn crews = 2

Crews posted out during their tour

Barnett C W On loan from 207 1 9.10.43
Baker G F Posted 463 21 12.3.44
Byers V W Post 617 4 24.3.43
Dunn D C Post 463 12 25.11.43
Fayle A C Post 463 10 25.11.43
Fowler J W Posted 463 1 25.11.43
Hemsworth H Post 83 Sq PFF 14 19.3.44
Kell A E Post 463 14 25.11.43
Kingsford-Smith Post 463 5 25.11.43
Lawrence F Post 460 Sq 7 10.3.45
McEgan E F Post 97 PFF 9 20.8.43
Lock H B Post 463 26 25.11.43
Marks D J Post 97 SqPFF 14 4.5.43
Martin C J Post 463 17 25.11.43
Messenger C L Post 463 17 25.11.43
Nicoll G D Post 97 Sq PFF 5 20.8.43
Pedersen L R Post 463 8 8.2.45
Pond H S Post 97 Sq PFF 8 7.7.43
Roberts J Post 463 10 25.11.43
Ryan W P Post 97 Sq PFF 16 2.9.44
Saunders Alec Post 463 1 25.11.43
Schomberg C C Post 463 1 25.11.43
Scott W/C Post 51 Base 2 5.2.45
Tait J B W/C Film Unit 5 11.5.44

Crews with no ops 8.5.45

Diver-Tuck H 0 8.5.45
Gunson H A 0 8.5.45
Skinner D J 0 8.5.45

Captains lost 2nd Pilot no ops

Ambrose B L [ditto mark] 0 12.6.43
Inkster J M [ditto mark] 0 3.2.45
Eagle R W [ditto mark] 0 1.2.45
Mitchell J [ditto mark] 0 22.6.44
O,Driscoll J [ditto mark] 0 1.7.44
Smith A [ditto mark] 0 17.6.43

Station C/O flying ops Sqn crews

McKecknie G/C Bottesford 4 4.7.43
Bonham-Carter Waddington 5 21.2.45

[page break]




F/S R.W. Park A414118 KIA
Sgt G. Hopkins 1415465 KIA
Sgt N. J. McMahon A422243 KIA
F/S J. R. Chapman A414922 KIA
F/S J. R. McBean A409478 KIA
Sgt H. O. Miller A420566 KIA
F/S D. A. Reid A414080 KIA

To 467 15.7.43 Lost 29/30.7.43 1st Op Hamburg



F/O W.D Marshall A412821
Sgt R. North ?
Sgt M. P. Colvin 1562631
F/O A. T. Youdan 139963
Sgt A. Hallam 1083090
Sgt A. N. Bates 1335839
Sgt J.H. Cowan 1375464

To 467 20.7.43 Crash Landed 16.8.43 2d Op Milan Aircraft damaged and unable to gain height to recross the alps. LANDED Biskra north Africa. Crew safe. THE A/C eventually returned to 467 Sq.



F/L J. M. Sullivan A404909 KIA
Sgt J. E. Newland 959576 KIA
F/O T. H. Entract 131770 POW
W/O R. E. Grange R54227 POW
Sgt K. L. Harvey 1211431 POW
Sgt D. Spurr 985455 KIA
Sgt A. P. Power 1396149 KIA

To 467 11.4.43 Lost 15/16.8.43 22d Op Milan



W/C C. L. Gomm RAF 34123 KIA
Sgt J. R. Lee 904884 KIA
F/O T. J. Phillips 126448 KIA
P/O K. Gibson 137520 KIA
F/O A. H. Reardon A411520 KIA
P/O R. N. Pritchard 52099 KIA
W/O L. L. McKenny A416270 KIA

To 467. 7.11.42 Lost 15/16.8.43 24th Op 2d Tour Milan [asterisk mark]

[inserted] PO-N as in ‘HARRIS’ B.B.C. OUR A/C FOR 19 OPS. TAKEN BY W/C GOMM TO DUISBERG 12.5.43 [/inserted]


LM 342

S/L A. S. Raphael RAF 68155 KIA
Sgt V. Smith 980905 KIA
Sgt F. Gray 1317456 POW
P/O R. G. Carter J15862 KIA
F/S D. Fielden 751496 POW
Sgt A. C. Brand 1351257 KIA
F/S F. B. Garrett 1154625 KIA
F/L M. H. Parry 126019 KIA 2d Bomb aimer

To 467 19.4.43 Lost 17/18.8.43 19th Op Peenemunde

E [indecipherable letter]

ED 764

P/O F. W. Dixon A412923 POW
Sgt L. Hayward 1464967 KIA
Sgt C. A. Bicknell 1388783 POW
Sgt E. W. Dickson 1445095 POW
Sgt P. Lowe 1218582 KIA
Sgt R. Hughes 1696212 POW Nobby met Ron Hughes in Cheltenham 197[indecipherable number]
Sgt R. Garnett 1451360 POW

To 467 13.4.43 Lost 17/18.8.43 21st Op Peenemunde

JB 124

P/O H. P. Vincent A416635 KIA
Sgt J. M. Jones 650138 KIA
Sgt F. G. McIntyre A420703 KIA
P/O W. G. Hurle A409411 KIA
F/S L. C. Fitzner A414667 KIA
F/S R. F. Holdaway 1259359 KIA
F/S D. P. R. Schubert A414602 KIA

To 467 15.7.43 Lost 23/24.8.43 5th Op Berlin


F/O M. R. Good A5303 KIA
Sgt J. A. Beck 641951 KIA
Sgt T. H. Hallam A414348 KIA
F/S B. Kerlin A413610 KIA
F/S A. P. Loxton A414710 KIA
Sgt W. E. Hogarth R149420 KIA
Sgt [obscured name] A417348 KIA

To 467 28.7.42 Lost 27/28.8.43 3d Op Nurnberg

[page break]


[obscured rank] GOMM. C. L. DSO.DFC. P.34123 C/O 7.11.42 467 SQ KIA 16.8.43

Sgt Lee.J.R E. 904884 16.8.43 KIA
Sgt Patmore. E. ? 15/17.1.43
F/L Craigie. R.A. E. 13/14.4.43

P/O Gibson.K. N. 137520 KIA 16.8.43
F/O Berisford. N. ? 30/31.1.43
S/L Evans. DFC N. ? 26/27.2.43 [inserted] - 5 GRP NAVIGATION STAFF [/inserted]

F/O Phillips.T.J. B. 126448 KIA 16.8.43
Sgt Dunbar.J.A. B.A424391 8/9.4.43
F/O Parry.M.M. B. ? 13/14.4.43
P/O Campbell.F.G. B. ? 16/17.4.43

F/O Reardon.A.H. W. A411520 KIA
F/O Spencer.D.H. W. ?

P/O Pritchard.R.N. G. 52099 KIA
P/O Hare.W.R. DFC G. 132290 16/17.1.43
F/L Betts.L.R. G. 115097 3/4.4.43 KIA Later not on 467 Sq

W/O McKenny.L.L. G. A416270 KIA
P/O Currie. G. ? 30/31.1.43
Sgt Brown.A. G. ? 3/4.4.43

16/17.1.43 Berlin W4823
23.1.43 Dusseldorf W4823
30/31.1.43 Hamburg W4823
13/14.2.43 Lorient ED699
26/27.2.43 Cologne ED530
1/2.3.43 Berlin PO.V.ED539
3/4.3.43 Hamburg ED539
5/6.3.43 Essen [inserted] ED524 [/inserted] No number
8/9.3.43 Nurnburg ED500
12/13.3.43 Essen ED651
3/4.4.43 Essen PO.F.ED737
8/9.4.43 Duisburg ED695
13/14.4.43 Spezia PO.M.ED547
16/17.4.43 Pilson PO.M.ED547
4/5.5.43 Dortmund PO.C.ED504
12/13.5.43 Duisburg PO.N.ED657
13/14.5.43 Pilson ED657
23/24.5.43 Dortmund W5003
21/22.6.43 Fredischaven ED998
23/24/.6.43 Spezia ED998
24/25.7.43 Hamburg PO.M.ED547
27/28.7.43 Hamburg ED992
7/8.8.43 Genoa ED530
15/16.8.43 Milan ED998

Cosme Lockwood Gomm RAF 34123 posted to command and form 467 Sq RAAF at Scampton 7.11.42, Gazeted [sic] DSO 11.6.43, missing on the 24th op off [sic] his 2nd tour 16.8.43. He led the shuttle raids on the industrial cities of Italy landing in North Africa and bombing Italy again on the return trip. One notable long trip he led bombed Fredichaven then flew on to Blida in Algeria, reloaded the A/C and bombed Spezia on the return trip.

4/5.5.43 Sgt Were. 2nd B/A to Dortmund with W/C Gomm.
12/13.5.43 Lt Dickson USAF Passenger to Duisburg with W/C Gomm
20/21.6.43 F/L Semmence.D.H. 2nd pilot to Fredrichaven and on to Blida with W/C Got
24/25.7.43 Sgt Park.R.W. 2nd pilot to HAMBURG with W/C Gomm
27/28.7.43 F/O Durston.I 2nd pilot to Hamburg with W/C Gomm

Note. There is no further reference in ORBs to F/L Semmence or Ltd [sic] Dickson USAF.

[inserted] P.T.O. [/inserted]

[page break]

[obscured word/s] the 11 supernumery [sic] crew that we took on their first op

7 were killed in action
2 Survived and
2 are not mentioned in the historis [sic]

2) The first 4 chaps returned to complete 2nd tour with 463 Squadron.

3) Des Sullivan ended op in May 1945 SQD LDR - D.SO. DFC.

4) P.O. N was shot down over Peenemunde 1943 while we were on leave.

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F/SGT. Sullivan.D.J P. 415192. To 467, 6.4.43. Tour Ex 31.10.43. 29 Alsace St Carine 6020 W.A.

SGT. Meluish.A.H. E. 156041

Sgt Coyne.J.A.I. B. 547130 27 Cedars Av Redditch Worcester.

SGT Wainwright.J.A. N. 1318811 Posted 29 OTU 31.10.43 99 Dorp St Karrifontein Cape Province South Africa.

Sgt Brodie. P.A. W. 1133622

Sgt Cole.J.K. G. 1444590
Sgt Wells.W. G. 1333704 23/24.5.43

Sgt Thompson. G. P. G. 1586246

13/14.4.43 F/S D. J. Sullivan 2nd pilot to Spezia with F/L Desmond
20/21.4.43 F/S D. J. Sullivan 2nd pilot to Stettin with F/L Desmond

26/27.4.43 Duisburg PO. N. ED764
30/4.1/5.43 Essen. ED764
4/5.5.43 Dortmund ED764
23/24.5.43 Dortmund ED764
25/26.5.43 Dusseldorf ED764
27/28.5.43 Essen ED764
29/30.5.43 Wuppertal PO. N. ED764
11/12.6.43 Dusseldorf W5003
12/13.6.43 Bochum PO. N. ED764
14/15.6.43 Ofer ausen [sic] ED764
16/17.6.43 Cologne PO. D. ED531
28/29.6.43 Cologne PO. N. ED764
3/4.7.43 Cologne ED764
8/9.7.43 Cologne ED764
24/25.7.43 Hamburg ED764
25/26.7.43 Essen PO. N. ED764
29/30.7.43 Hamburg ED764
2/3.8.43 Hamburg ED764
7/8.8.43 Genoa ED764
10/11.8.43 Nurnburg ED764
27/28.8.43 Nurnburg [inserted] PO. O. [/inserted] DV233
30/31.8.43 Munchen Gladbach DV233
31/8.1/9.43 Berlin DV233
3/4.9.43 Berlin DV233
27/28.9.43 Hanover JA902
3/4.10.43 Kassel JB121

26/27.4.43 Sgt Edwards 2nd pilot to Duisburg with F/S D. J. Sullivan
16/17.6.43 F/O Forbes. W. A. 2nd pilot to Cologne with P/O D. J. Sullivan
3/4.7.43 P/O Loftus. W.T. 2nd Nav to Cologne [ditto mark]
24/25.7.43 Sgt Kell.A. E. 2nd Pilot to Hamburg [ditto mark]
29/30.7.43 F/O Fry 2nd Nav To Hamburg [ditto mark]
7/8.8.43 Sgt Holmes.M.F. 2nd Nav Genoa [ditto mark]
27/28.8.43 F/S Fayle .E. A. 2nd pilot to Nurnburg [ditto mark]
30/31.8.43 F/S Farmer. W.T. 2nd pilot to Munchen Gladbach [ditto mark]
31.8.1/9.43 F/O Chappell.L 2nd Nav to Berlin …
3/4.9.43 Sgt McLeah 2nd pilot to Berlin …
27/28.9.43 F/S Roberts.J. 2nd pilot to Hanover …

A415192 S/L Sullivan D. J. Des and crew posted to 467 Sq Tour expired and posted to 1661 CU 31.10.43. 2nd tour as flight commander on 463 Sq. Refer 463 register.

Now retired and lives at the above address letters and information to Nobby, and always willing to help.

[inserted] SGT. WELLS “WENT SICK” ON 5/5/43 AND WE SAW HIM NO MORE. [/inserted]

[inserted] Have amended the ranks to those we held in 1943 PTO [inserted]

[page break]


F/O McIVER.K.A. DFC P. A412636. To 467 Sq 20-4-43. KIA. 3-10-43.

Sgt McLELLAND.A. B. Andrew. E. 626056 KIA 3-10-43
Sgt JERVIS.F.P. E. ? 28/29-6-43

F/S GALE.J.K. N. 1490465 KIA 3-10-43

F/S McGRATH. M.E. B. 1389498 Picked up in dingy [sic] O.K.

Sgt MacLEAN. C. W. 1330142 KIA 3-10-43

Sgt SHORT. R. G. 639991 KIA Body picked up at sea 27-10-43

F/S SHAW. F. W. G. 1321440 KIA Body picked up at sea 27-10-43

26/27-4-43 Sgt McIver. K. A. 2nd pilot to Duisberg with F/L E. K. Sinclair.

27/28-4-43 Deodars PO.M.ED547 12/13-7-43 Turin PO. N. ED764
4/5-5-43 Dortmund ED530 27/28-7-43 Hamburg ED530
12/13-5-43 Duisburg PO.W.ED546 2/3-8-43 Hamburg ED530
13/14-5-43 Pilsen ED530 9/10-8-43 Mannheim ED530
23/24-5-43 Dortmund ED530 10/11-8-43 Nurnburg ED530
25/26-5-43 Dusseldorf ED530 15/16-8-43 Milan ED530
27/28-5-43 Essen ED530 17/18-8-43 Peenemunde PO. V. ED539
29/30-5-43 Wuppertal ED530 22/23-8-43 Leverkusen PO. M. ED547
12/13-6-43 Bochum ED530 22/23-9-43 Hanover ED530
14/15-6-43 Oberhausen ED530 23/24-9-43 Mannheim ED530
16/17-6-43 Cologne ED530 27/28-9-43 Hanover ED530
28/29-6-43 Cologne ED530 29/30-9-43 Bochum ED657
3/4-7-43 Cologne PO. W .ED546 2/3-10-43 Munich ED530
8/9-7/43 Cologne PO. F .ED737

8/9-7-43 Sgt C. J.Smith 2nd pilot to Cologns [sic] With P/O McIver
27/28-7-43 F/S Chapman 2nd Nav To Hamburg [ditto mark]
2/3-8-43 F/S Morrison 2nd pilot to Hamburg [ditto mark]
9/10-8-43 P/O Youdan.A.T. 2nd Nav to Mannheim [ditto mark]
17/18-8043 F/O Ricketts.H. 2nd Nav to Peenemunde [ditto mark]
22/23—8-43 F/S Finch.A.M. 2nd pilot to Hanover [ditto mark]
27/28-9-43 Sgt Miller.J.W. 2nd Nav to Hannover [ditto mark]
A412636 Kenneth Archibald McIver DFC and crew posted to 467 Sq 20-4-43. The crew had a difacult [sic] tour all the way. Several times their A/C was flak damaged and returned on 3 engines. Attacking Hamburg and engine failed half way to the target, they pressed on and completed the attack. Attacking Cologne the pilot was wounded in the left arm and the A/C damaged they carried on and bombed the target. Attacking Munich 2/3-10-43 the crew encountered bad iceing [sic] and fuel consumption was very heavy.

Debriefing report from ORBs, F/S McGrath. M. E. 1389498, picked up alive in dingy [sic] 3-10-43. After attacking Munich 2/3-10-43. Only survivor.

Slight broken cloud low. Bombs released on E.T.A. from 20000 ft at approx 2235, ix4000, 84x30 inc, 600x4lb inc, Concentration of Inc and bombs exploding seemed fairly good. Trip very quiet no enemy A/C sighted. route flak free, no trouble encountered until petrol ran short (Cause unknown) except for heavy iceing. [sic] We ditched in the sea approx 25 miles of Beachy Head at approx 0150 Hrs.

Nobby Blundell has corresponded with Mr Bill Smith of Kilmarnock Ayrshire who is Sgt Andrew McClelland’s brother in law and helped in researching this crew.


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“467 Squadron RAAF - Operations from RAF Bottesford and RAF Waddington,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 6, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28767.

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