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Jack Whalley’s Royal Air Force Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book from 9th July 1941 until 10th October 1952. Initial training at No. 9 Air Observers School as an air observer, navigator, air gunner and bomb aimer. Further training as…

Mentions lucky trip to Cologne and subsequent DFC. Mentions seeing Rosser in a bus queue in Oxford but missed meeting up. Writes a little about his operation to Cologne (flown as an Operational Training Unit crew) where he was engaged by fighter…

A postcard of Niagara Falls from Reg to his parents.

Cable received but no pre-paid reply to further cable. Letters dispatched will explain. Holiday week over, both well.

Mentions strong wind blowing bringing heat and sand and describes how they manage their days in the heat. Thinks he is better acclimatised than previous year. Reports good supply of Red Cross food and lists contents. Tells story of what they did…

Pilot Officer Mieczysław Stachiewicz's RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 11 June 1941 to 21 November 1942 detailing his training and operations as a pilot. He was stationed at RAF Peterborough (No. 25 (Polish) Elementary Flying Training School),…

Two airmen and a woman sitting in a field. It is captioned '"In the Flax Field" Fred Whybrow Bernard Rooke Frances Hampson July 5, 1942'.

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