Letter to L V Rosser from Jonny Meredith



Letter to L V Rosser from Jonny Meredith


Mentions lucky trip to Cologne and subsequent DFC. Mentions seeing Rosser in a bus queue in Oxford but missed meeting up. Writes a little about his operation to Cologne (flown as an Operational Training Unit crew) where he was engaged by fighter which resulted in wounded crew and damage to aircraft and subsequent belly landing at RAF Manston. Goes on catching up with news and gossip.




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Three page handwritten letter and envelope


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F/Sgt V. Rosser.
Sgts Mess.
Chipping WARDEN.
Nr Banbury.

[inserted] Johnny Meredith [/inserted]

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[inserted][two indecipherable words][/inserted]

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Officers Mess,
Stanton Harcourt.
Nr Oxford.
5th July 1942.

Dear Vic,

This letter writing is a hell of a racket particularly as I have lately been swamped with correspondence on account of my lucky trip to Cologne [underlined] and back [/underlined] and the subsequent gong. But I am making a supreme effort as I do like to keep in touch with you, as being one of my only few remaining friends from good old 58.

I am glad to hear that you are bearing up and hope we may arrange a meeting some time. I saw you once in Oxford whilst I was on a bus and you appeared to be waiting for a similar conveyance, so directly I could collect my wits I jumped off and waited for the next one, thinking you would be on it; you weren't, however, so I nipped hastily off and tried the next but as that proved fruitless, I gave it up as hopeless.

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I am very happy here and have quite recovered my good cheer which I was in danger of losing in the dismal confines of Abingdon Officers Mess. Its most pleasant here and the two ops [inserted] we [/inserted] did, went a long way in relieving the monotony of instructing.

The Cologne incident was purely luck and would have attracted little attention on a squadron but being from an O.T.U., inexperienced in shaky do, it created quite a stir, hence the D.F.C. A fighter had a bang at me, the gunner not seeing him, and succeeded [sic] in plugging the observer & BA, the latter being still in hospital: he also severed the aileron & rudder controls and the elevator trimmer besides putting the IFF, wireless, inter-comm. hydrolics, [sic] emergency under cart and all the instruments, except the compass & altimeter out of action: he left me two good engines, however, and by dint of a lot of luck, we made a belly-flop at Manston. I thought I'd had it at one time but begin to believe in miracles; anyway I always said Whitleys were the best machines and I'm sure no other kite would fly under such handicaps.

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I'm sorry you weren't able to go on the 1000 do's as I know how keen you are, and it was a good show, no trouble finding the target and not too much defence. Better luck next time. Tough about Tommy, I agree: I fear there isn't much hope for him but Massey's a prisoner and I expect hes giving his warders "what for".

More love to Pam or what you will allow and I hope she is in good health & spirits. Auriel is much too far away for my liking but I am hoping to get to York next week-end so will give her yours & Pam's love.

I must dry up now, old man, and hope to see you in Oxford sometime: when you are there at a lose [sic] end ring me up at "Standlake" 281. Officers Mess or Extension 9 ("E" Flt). It is time we had a re-union.

Cheerio, and the Very best of luck to you both.




J Meredith, “Letter to L V Rosser from Jonny Meredith,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36612.

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