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Each page documents a table of attacks on the docks of Malta. The air raids detailed in the table record the raid number, number of casualties, damage (both place and extent) and damage to ships and equipment.


16 airmen arranged in three rows. Underneath each man is named. Richard Kellett is front row, centre.

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43 airmen arranged in four rows at the front of a large building. Underneath each man is named on a printed caption.

Tee Emm magazine, No 10 Christmas & New Year 1941/2.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Sends good wished for 1942. Contains news of congregation members. In particular announces the engagement of Kenneth Gill and Vera Longden. Also notes Kenneth Gill home on leave. Letters from the boys and other church news.

Starts with account of movements in RAF for 1941. Continues lwith entries for daily activities. Embarks Greenock, Leaves Milford Haven on 8 January for voyage across Atlantic and describes voyage to Canada. Arrives Moncton 20 January describes daily…

Describes the introduction of Halifax into service with associated problems. Mentions first operations to Le Havre. Goes on to describe engine and gun turret upgrades as well as other modifications. Continues with introduction of Mk 3. and Mk 6…

Top left - view from air of a lake with town. Captioned 'Sylvan Lake Alberta'.
Top right - three women in winter clothes riding on a toboggan.
Bottom left -three airmen wearing greatcoats standing by a car in front of a building with sign 'Uptown…

Top right - view of town buildings. Captioned 'Bashaw Alberta'.
Bottom left - man on skis. Captioned 'Jack Ross'.
Bottom right - three women in winter clothes standing in line in snow with toboggan in front.
Top left - missing photograph…

Top right - an airman wearing uniform tunic and side cap standing in snow beside a woman and young child. In the background a hedge and part of a house. Captioned 'Mrs Sill and Roddy, Bashaw, Jan 1942'.
Bottom left - man on skis going down slope.…

Text and numerous b/w photographs (some of which are also located in sub-collection albums) covering from immediately before and during World War II - (1939-1946). First page has colour photographs and description of prisoner of war medal. Continues…

Left - view down city street with cars and buildings either side. Captioned 'Albany Georgia U.S.A. looking down main street Jan 1942'.
Right - side view of steam locomotive. Captioned 'Typical engine of Atlantic Seaboard Railway'.

Top left - seven men, some wearing life jackets standing in line on the deck of a ship, Captioned 'Mid Atlantic, onboard the Montcalm'.
Top right - distant view of a ship with two funnels. Captioned 'Our only companion across the Atlantic, the…

Green card 'POW letters Jan 1942'.

A group of trainee airmen arranged in six rows. F G Bower is in the front row, third from left. On the reverse each individual is named.

Two pages detailing some of Sam's time in Egypt.
Photo 1 is HMS Sagitta from the air.
Photo 2, 3 and 4 are Sam working on a lamp.
Photo 5 is Sam playing tennis.
Photo 6 is Sam and colleague in khaki and shorts.
Photo 7 is a letter in…

A description of Sam's further training in the UK then operations at Malta.
Photo 1 is an informal group photograph with airmen, two WAAFs and three dummies.
Photo 2 is an air-to-air view of a Wellington.

Transcripts of nearly 50 telegrams between Douglas Hudson and his parents between August 1941 and November 1942.

A note referring to Peter's mentioned in a Despatch for distinguished service. Surname given as Hazeldine.


Unused card is from 18 EFTS, for period 25-31 Jan 1942.

Bill still does not know what is happening to him. Weather has been terrible for flying but he had to go up with the Commanding Officer and it went badly (page missing from letter, so no end to story).

Complains again about the lack of food and…

Letter written over several days. Initially expecting to have his flying test the next day and be able to return for leave soon after, but this is changed following snow. He and six others are unable to take their tests in time and remain at the…
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