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Pilots flying log book two for Thomas Other Prickett, covering the period from 2 May 1940 to 18 June 1944. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties, operations flown and staff duties with the RAF Delegation to the USA. He was stationed at RAF…

Deeply moved message twenty-ninth gift unobtainable. Still eagerly await letter eleven weeks, love. Letter has corrections in red ink and message in French from post.

Comments on cold weather and their health. Writes of working in garden and of shop in Manchester where they bough bulbs. Likes their new home and surroundings. Six weeks since they got a letter from him and they would be very anxious except for…

Lists bicycle accessories and mentions gardening and her birthday activities.

She writes about the birthday presents she has received and thanks him for the ones he has sent.


Congratulates on promotion to acting squadron leader. Catches up with family news mentioning wife Joyce coming to lunch. Writes of his activities.


Telegram reads 'Hut 14A Course 33 34 SFTS RAF Medicine=Hat Alberta, extremely busy only two days Xmas Love=Hedley.'

James Burchill was in the ATC before he volunteered for aircrew training. He was expected to be deferred but was told he had been chosen for immediate service. On one operation he was injured and by the time he was ready for operational duties again…
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