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Robert Palmer’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 12 April 1940 to 12 May 1942 detailing his training and operations as a pilot and instructor. He was stationed at RAF Desford (No. 7 Elementary Flying Training School), RAF Grantham (No. 12 Flying…

Pleased with arrival of her letter at last. Discuses mail and delivery delays. Provides a list of things he would like her to do. Replies to matters she raised in her letter. Continues with personal matters. Mentions his training day has been…

Writes that he was enclosing odds and ends left in his care. Mentions losing colleagues on operations and other operational matters including a ditching with missing crew.

Writes of including fish balls which he should take to improve strength to cope with future. Mentions acquaintance who in the First World War was delayed from deploying so he could witness birth and suggests he should approach the adjutant to see if…

Mario Cocco (b. 1938) remembers the torpedoing of the Tirso dam, emphasising its beauty and meaning as an engineering marvel. Describes how a torpedo net prevented three torpedoes from reaching their target. Gives a detailed account of the bombing of…
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