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A letter written in French, with accompanying English translation sent to Mrs Hunt. The French letter was written by an Auguste Bally, an Adjudant in the Gendarmerie. The letter is sent as a reply to Mrs Hunt, thanking Bally for information on her…

Letter discussing his health and his relationship with Joyce.

Letter saying he has arrived safely but is not happy about the prospect of war.

Lists of Ceylonese in three batches and miscellaneous arrivals who volunteered for and joined the RAF with some details of their service. Includes b/w photograph of Sergeant Rex De Silva in 1943.

Article in the Aeroplane magazine March 30 1945 issue. Describes actions of Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer D.F.C and Bar, 109 Squadron during an operation to Cologne marshalling yards. Also give other details of his service…

The Air Council had learned that his son Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer VC DFC RAF was now known to have lost his life as a result of air operations on 24 December 1944. According to information from one surviving crew, the other…

A newspaper cutting on another attack on Hamburg. It is annotated 'No 4 29-7-43'.

A cutting referring to an attack on Cologne. It is annotated 'No 2 16-6-43'.

A brief explanation about the newspaper cuttings.

Gives required ingredients and preparation instructions.

Writes of both being dancers and asks when she would be in New York so she could see her dance.

Jozef's autobiography. He flew with the Polish Air Force and escaped to Romania after the German's invaded. He further escaped to France and flew there against the Germans until he was instructed to head for the UK. He was shot down and taken…

Quick note as he had a lot to do that night. Thanks for letters and and pyjamas. Mentions fixing radio. Had interview and results later. Hopes he will be able to get over to see her. Mentions car insurance and squadron photograph being taken.

Commiserates over lack of available hotel but would not have been able to spend much time with her. State that he had to go for an interview with the AOC. Continues with domestic issues. Provides instruction for her to collect his car if anything…

Writes that he has been issued with a bicycle and plans to celebrate skipper's birthday. Mentions photographs and that his birthday had come and gone. End with endearment.

Mentions no sign of leave yet. Describes his activities and mentions his car. Asks her to contact a friend of his to explain leave cancelled.

Acknowledges receipt of her latest letter and writes of his activities.

Mentions crew member still grounded and describes activities with car. Mentions journey and puncture and continues with domestic issues.

13 airmen in two rows in front of a Fairey Battle. Each man is named on the front. On the reverse each man has signed his name and 'A/C Fairey Battle Course 45A Observers No 9 Bombing and Gunnery School Mont-Joli PQ July 1942 Back Row RCAF Front RAF…

Three photographs from an album.
#1 is a bridge over a stream.
#2 is a river and trees.
#3 is a group of thirteen trainees in two rows in front of a Battle aircraft. The image is annotated 'Course 45 [indecipherable]' and each man is identified.…

Letter mounted over seven album pages with envelope with last page of letter on seventh album page. Next page has four b/w photographs. Letter gives excuses for not having written. Catches up with family news. Explains they could not get off camp…

Five verse song or poem about Bomber Command operations
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