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Photo 1 is a rear side view of an AR198, a three seat tactical reconnaissance Army co-operation aircraft.
Photo 2 is a front side view of an AR198.

Photo 1 and 2 are rear, port side views of an AR199 floatplane on the sea at a beach.
Photo 3 is an AR 231 designed as a submarine borne aircraft.

Photo 1 is a port side view of an AR232 on the ground. It was designed as a medium sized transporter.
Photo 2 is a starboard side flying view of an AR232.


Photo 1 is a front/port side view of an AR232 on the ground.
Photo 2 is a four engined version designated AR232B.


Photo 1 is a front/starboard side view of the twin engined jet, AR 234.
Photo 2 is a starboard side view of an AR234 which was being developed as a bomber.

Photo 1 is an AR68 in flight.
Photo 2 is a front view of an AR68 on the ground.
Photo 3 is a side view of an AR68.

Photo 1 is missing.
Photo 2 is an AR69, a two seat development of the AR68.

Photo 1 is a parasol winged AR76 fighter.
Photo 2 is a twin engined AR77 trainer.

Photo 1 is the AR79, a sinle seat trainer and communications aircraft.
Photo 2 is an AR80, an all metal, single seat fighter.
Photo 3 is an AR81 dive bomber.

Photo 1 is a port side view of an AR95 on water.
Photo 2 is a font view of an AR95 on a beach.
Photo 3 is a rear, port side view of an AR95 on water.

Photo 1 is an unknown airman sitting on the starboard outer engine of a Stirling.
Photo 2 is Arthur and his crew sat on the top of an aircraft in 1944.
Photo 3 is seven airman standing at the rear of an aircraft.
Photo 4 is eleven aircrew and…

Photo 1 is a man identified as Mike Osmond, standing in a garden.
Photo 2 is a group of four, identified as Dick Osmond, Mollie, Arthur and Margaret, sitting on the grass.
Photo 3 is two men and two women identified as Margaret, Percy Thomas,…

Photo 1 is a man with a dog.
Photo 2 is man sitting on a fence.
Photo 3 is a man sitting on a tractor.
Photo 4 is a man sitting on a fence.
Photo 5 is a man standing on a brick wall.
These five images are captioned '1938 Cecil William Reid &…

Photo 1, 2 and 4 are Lance and Lance's store where Arthur first worked.
Photo 3 is Arthur in the store.
Photo 5 is Arthur with Ray Lukins, dressed for cricket.
Photo 6 is Arthur in cricket whites and blazer.

Photo 1 is Arthur Thomas standing in his flying kit.
Photo 2 is Jock Donnelly standing in his flying kit.
Photo 3 is Flight Sergeants Anstell and Drew with Pilot Officer Arthur Thomas. They are standing on the edge of a wood.

Photo 1 and 2 are the same. Two men and two women identified as Great Uncle Edwin, Grandmother Emily, Reginald and Fanny Thomas.
Photo 3 and 4 are the same and are a man and woman identified as Arthur's father and mother.

Photo 1 is six people identified as Arthur, his mother, Uncle Leonard, Aunt Laura, Alison and Charles, at Caldicot.
Photo 2 is Arthur, Alison and Charles, in a garden.
Photo 3 is two women and two children, identified as Arthur's mother, Arthur's…

Photo 1 and 2 are the same. Arthur's uncle Froude, his grandfather and his father standing by a gipsy caravan that his dad had made.
Photo 3 is a Children's Concert with his sister, Alison.

Photo 1 and 2 are a woman standing in a garden, identified as Aunt Laura.
Photo 3 is Arthur's mother, standing in a garden.
Photo 4 is Arthur standing in a garden.
Photo 5 and 6 are of a man standing beside a field gun, identified as Uncle Adrian…

Account of scattering ashes of Harold Dryhurst over Stansted airport. He was killed in an aircraft crash. Includes accounts of funeral and of accident.

On the front, a side view of a single engine biplane with enclosed cabin. In front on the left three men and a further to man to the right by the tail. To the right a hangar with open doors. Captioned '"Avro" Biplane, Enclosed Type, British Record 24…

Nine home guard men and an RAF flight sergeant standing in line. A home guard lieutenant is making a presentation to Stanley Bradford in the middle.

Newspaper cutting praising rugby players for distinguishing themselves.
On the reverse are news stories.

Group of airmen arranged in four rows in front of a Lancaster, captioned with each individual's name.
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