Arado AR79, AR 80 and AR81



Arado AR79, AR 80 and AR81


Photo 1 is the AR79, a sinle seat trainer and communications aircraft.
Photo 2 is an AR80, an all metal, single seat fighter.
Photo 3 is an AR81 dive bomber.




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Arado AR 79.

A single engined trainer and communications aircraft.



Arado Ar 80.

A single seat all metal fighter initially with a Rolls Royce Kestrel engine. Later production aircraft were powered by a Jumo 210C. The Arado AR 80 was developed in competition with the Messerschmitt BF109 but proved to be seriously overweight. Armed with two 7.9 MG17 machine guns. Max speed at sea level 217 m.p.h.

Arado AR 81.

Among the most important of the new weapons forged to aid the re-birth of German military power with the creation of the Third Reich, was the dive-bomber. Two stages of design for this concept were called for. The first a biplane & the second stage a more advanced monoplane. The first stage was ordered in 1933 & the second not until 1935. Crew of two. Armed with one 7.9 machine gun fixed and firing forward & one flexible in rear cockpit. One 550 lb bomb.



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