Arado AR198



Arado AR198


Photo 1 is a rear side view of an AR198, a three seat tactical reconnaissance Army co-operation aircraft.
Photo 2 is a front side view of an AR198.




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Arado AR 198.

In 1937 the Germans issued a specification for a three seat tactical Reconnaisance [sic] and Army Co-operation Aircraft. Arado responded with a classic high-wing formula in the belief that no other acceptable arrangement could offer a comparable all round view. Arado were in competition with Focke-Wulf & Blohm & Voss, the Blohm & Voss Ha 141 was not treated seriously & was regarded as a degenerate expression of the designer’s art. Late in april [sic] 1937 a contract was placed for three prototypes, the first flying in the spring of 1938. From the commencement of flying trials it was obvious that performance fell far below that stipulated by the specification. As a result further testing was abandoned & the incomplete second & third prototypes scrapped.


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