Arado AR234



Arado AR234


Photo 1 is a front/starboard side view of the twin engined jet, AR 234.
Photo 2 is a starboard side view of an AR234 which was being developed as a bomber.




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Arado AR 234 B2 Blitz.

During the autumn of 1940 studies were initiated for a medium range reconnaisance [sic] aircraft to make use of the new turbojets then being bench run by BMW & Junkers. As a result the AR 234 Blitz (lightning) entered limited service in July 1944, & became the world’s first operational bomber, & as such showed that the German aircraft industry was still in the technical forefront of warplane development. Work on the AR234 began in late 1940, and resulted in an aeroplane with a shoulder set straight wing carrying two underslung engine nacelles. The fuselage was so slim that conventional landing gear could not be fitted, so the aircraft was designed around a jettisonable take off trolley & extending landing skids. The first 30 prototypes flew in June 1943. The planned trolley fitted aircraft were clearly not well suited to operational requirements, so the AR 234B was designed with a retractable tricycle landing gear. Production of this aircraft totalled 230. Many other variants would have entered service if the Second World War had lasted longer.


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