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An article about the German treatment of British and French prisoners of war.

Jan Stangrycuik (Black) was born and raised in Poland. When he was a teenager, his family emigrated to Argentina for a better life. When the British Embassy called for volunteers to join the war effort, Jan answered the call and sailed, with seven…

Four photographs, first two Jack on the veranda of a building, captioned 'Outside Basha', reverse captioned Kuching Borneo 1964-65'.
Third and fourth is Jack and other individuals in a row outside, awaiting a formal visit. Captioned, Duke of…

Leslie Lunn joined the RAF and after his basic training did his flying training in America. In the UK he joined 129 Spitfire squadron after completing his training. The squadron later converted to Mustangs. His squadron covered the D-Day landings and…

Geoff Paine attended High Wycombe Royal Grammar School and Falmouth Grammar School, joined Air Training Corps and volunteered for the Royal Air Force at eighteen. Upon competition of initial training he was posted at RAF Waltham (100 Squadron) then…

Jan Black Stangryciuk was born in Poland but his family emigrated to Argentina in 1934. He volunteered to travel to England to join the Royal Air Force in 1939. He recounts his journey, why he made this decision and how he joined the RAF. He was…
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