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Eleven air and ground crew standing and squatting down in two rows in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse '149 Sqn, ROBERT, Paddy, Fowles, Welsh'.

A newspaper cutting with 12 airmen. The text states that they have just returned from the Heligoland Bight area. On the reverse five are named including Bob.

Two Wellingtons with crews leaving. Behind are hangars. On the reverse '1939 149 Squad' and a photographer' stamp.

Four photographs of Richard Kellett
#1, 2 and 3 Richard is seated behind his desk. It is annotated 'Mildenhall CO 149 Sqdn Wellington 1939/40'.
#4 is Richard beside a chart with an airman.

An obituary published in the Times with a second cutting with a correction from an air vice-marshal.

A photograph of two Wellingtons, W-OJ and N-OJ
Below the photograph is a caption in Urdu.
On the reverse of the photograph is typewritten:
'Heavy long-distance "Wellington" bombers.'
A second caption, 'Engine room aboard a British submarine.' is…

Photograph of black cloth dog mascot and note on reverse '"Vicky" maker of Charlie the dog "MASCOT", WAAF (MT driver) 149 Sqd Methwold for Charles Cuthill, Lancaster I NF927 "D" for Dog.149 Sqd, Vicky made dog mascot for Charles Cuthill, because…

Made out for Charles Robert Cuthill. Gives years of service in RAF and brief history of service. Includes specialist symbols - flying instructor and lists decorations.

Includes biographic details, service history and account of last operation for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross. Completed 111 operations on three squadrons, took part in Cologne 1000 bomber operation. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross twice.…

Sub headlines - great act of heroism and some remarkable tributes. States that Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer had been awarded the Victoria Cross after a hazardous daylight operation over Cologne. Quotes telegram from Sir Arthur…

Target photograph for an operation to Dortmund - Hansa. An area of glare occupies the lower part of the image and there is another down the left side. The rest is in darkness and n ground detail is visible. The photograph is annotated '6' and…

An air-to-air view of a Lancaster from above flying over a largely rural area. Its bomb doors are open. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Lancaster Over Target. This has appeared in publications since being lent out in the 1990's but…

B/W photocopy of 149 Squadron crest - horseshoe with lightning bolt, moto 'Fortis Nocte'. Page annotated 'This belongs to John Doxsey, room 25'.

Photograph of twelve aircrew all grinning some with thumbs up. Text explains they were some of the aircrew who took part in the great aerial battle of Heligoland. Pencilled note 'Jan 5th 1940'.
Aircraftman Harry Gillott is standing second right.

List all courses attended between 1941 and 1954. Volunteered for air gunner in 1943. Flew operationally on 149, 218 and 75 Squadrons, then gunnery leader at several stations. Officers school in 1946. Dated 1 November 1954.

List all courses attended between 1941 and 1954. Volunteered for air gunner in 1943. Flew operationally on 149, 218 and 75 Squadrons, then gunnery leader at several stations. Officers school in 1946. Dated 11 November 1954.

Air to air photograph showing Lancaster bomber in flight, marked as OJ-E, submitted with caption; “Local flying from Methwold March 1946”.

Air to air photograph showing a Lancaster in flight, marked as TK-A, submitted with caption; “Lancaster from Spilsby returning from flt. to Bari to pick up Army personnel. Sept. 1945”.

Three squadrons identified with their Latin mottos and English translation.

Bill Garbett perched on the railings overlooking a river with large bridge in the background.

RAF Form 543 issued to Frank Horry. It contains details of his service record.

A photograph of the Bomber Command cricket champions. The group includes Arthur Thomas. Each individual is named in the caption.
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