Newspaper cutting - V.C. for Gravesend Squadron Leader



Newspaper cutting - V.C. for Gravesend Squadron Leader


Sub headlines - great act of heroism and some remarkable tributes. States that Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer had been awarded the Victoria Cross after a hazardous daylight operation over Cologne. Quotes telegram from Sir Arthur Harris to Mr Palmer Senior. Quotes from citation which notes that Palmer had completed 110 bombing operations and gives some service history. Gives an account of action on operation to Cologne and then continues with more service history including award of two DFCs and mention in dispatches. Adds personal and family background. Follows quotes from letters and comments from Chief of Air Staff, his squadron commander, the mayor of Gravesend and headmaster.

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Two page printed newspaper cutting


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“Newspaper cutting - V.C. for Gravesend Squadron Leader,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 2, 2023,

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