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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-11-02"

Memorandum items addresses of friends and acquaintances, mentions many days/evenings out and what sort of time he had in Belfast, Lincoln, Gainsborough and many others. Mentions various journeys and postings, lists birthdays. Jots down daily…

A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Cologne, Walcheren, Hamm and Munster. It is annotated 'Sunday Graphic No 2 28-10-44 5¼ hrs 837 a/c plus PFF'.

A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Dusseldorf and Osnabruck plus an attack by the USAAF on oil production plants. It is annotated 'Lincolnshire Echo no 5 2-11-44 5hrs 5 mins 850 a/c plus PFF'.
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