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The letter accepts that Les is a prisoner of war and blames the mis-reading of a Red Cross report.

He has had no mail from her. He is in good health and has just received a Red Cross parcel.

The writer promises to clear up a confusion caused by a telegram received from the International Red Cross.

The telegram advises her that her son is definitely a prisoner of war and not deceased.

The writer has received letters and cards from Les' mother indicating he is alive.

The first page comprises a page of caricatures annotated with quotations from the individuals pictured, including Wing Commander J Cunningham, Wing Commander Townsend, Warrant Officer Carter, Flight Lieutenant Erlwig, Staff officer Priestley, Flight…

He tells his mother that not much has happened. He says it is warm enough to sunbathe and they hade the usual entertainments, concerts, sports, lectures, classes and debates. He is well.

He writes they have had their usual sports but got beaten by the Australians. No letters but they got Red Cross parcels. There has been a debate and spelling Bee. The revue is being held the next day. He is well.

He has been practising for the concert. He had a letter from Lady Ampthill asking about his pilot and observer.

She asks if her son, Les, mentioned her son. She has heard nothing and her house burned down and she is very distressed.

61 men, mostly trainees, arranged in four rows., captioned B Flight, No 4 Squadron. 3 ITW September 1941.

Top left - formation of five Boulton Paul Overstrands airborne in line abreast. Captioned 'BP Overstrands'.
Top right - view across open ground of two, two storey buildings. Captioned 'Penhold 1941'.
Bottom left - view of four Oxford aircraft…


Account of his aircraft, in which he was air observer, being attacked on return from operation in Germany by intruder aircraft. The aircraft was crash landed and caught fire. Miller escaped through the top hatch but noticed that the pilot and…

Tee Emm. Number 6.
This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Mentions formation of Pathfinder force. Gee, pulse phasing radar, new compasses. Continues with short note of H2S, OBOE. Lists locations and RAF stations.

Cutting with prayer from Psalm 107. Captioned 'Cutting from Penguin paperback which I was reading to Mlle A Becquett whilst being helped by her, Sept 1941'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Roy.

Green card 'North Luffenham, Sept 1941 Operational Sqn 144'.

35 squadron air and ground crews arranged in three rows in front of a Halifax.
It is annotated '35 Sqdn . Linton. Sept. 1941'.

Transcripts of nearly 50 telegrams between Douglas Hudson and his parents between August 1941 and November 1942.

Written as cadet from posting wing. Sending washing home. Will be glad to get away from current location. Describes daily activity, a friend and going to Westminster Central Hall. Suggests that hardest part of Initial Training Wing will be aircraft…

Bill writes that he is about to be posted within London for a short period. [page missing] Have been given food to improve night vision but he really misses getting fresh milk. Are about to move and really feel they have left 'civvie street'…

Bill is at the Receiving Centre in London. He writes that he has had a good Sunday with going to a Baptist Chapel and being invited for tea by the pastor and meeting up with another cadet - 'I can say my first Sunday in the RAF has been splendid'. …

Writes from the Receiving Centre of his billet in a 'rather nice block of flats' near Regents Park and of walking round looking at bomb damage to some old haunts in London.

They go to the zoo for their meals ('lot of monkeys').

Will on be at…

Letter to David's younger brother Norman. Hank thanks him for the opportunity to see a copy of Norman's write up of David's Royal Air Force career and confirms that it is factually correct. Hank reviews his association with David and aspects of his…
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