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L Pickford’s Observer’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 17 October 1938 to 17 May 1947, detailing his flying training and operations flown as Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner. He was stationed at RAF Bassingbourn (104 Squadron), RAF West…

This is operation no 18 for the crew, three navigation log sheets.

This was the crews 18th operation. Three navigation log sheets.

Target photograph showing airfield with smoke from bomb explosions. Aiming pint in annotated in red ink. Captioned 'DRF.3-9-44//7"18000 >120.1731.Soersterberg.R.9x1000.4x500.C.34secs.F/S Jubb.R.462'.

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Flying log book for navigator’s, air bombers, air gunner’s and flight engineers for Sandy Christison, flight engineer. Covers the period 6th May 1944 to 24th April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF…

A vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Soesterberg airfield. The image is mostly clear and shows many bomb craters. The caption underneath is overexposed and apart from the airfield name and 'Sgt Goodrum' is indecipherable.

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