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A handwritten notebook containing the war diary of A Dorricott from October 1914. He embarks the SS Deseado at Southampton and sails through the Bay of Biscay, past Gibraltar to Malta. They continued with naval escorts to Port Said, through the Suez…

View, across deck crowded with people, of a city in the distance across water. Captioned 'Approaching Bombay'.

11 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - programme for a revue 'Let's Have Another One' taking place on RMS Scythia on 5-8 November 1945.
Item 2 - photograph of A C Coller in tropical uniform standing beside two local boys who are sitting on…

12 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - photograph of an airman standing beside a monument, captioned 'Birt Littlewood Kandy Ceylon'.
Item 2 - photograph of an airman seated, captioned 'Birt Littlewood Kandy Ceylon' and 'Our leave at Queen's…

Single funnel liner tied up alongside wharf on right with cranes and buildings.

Single funnel liner tied up alongside wharf with cranes. There are several figures near bow and railway track on the right.

Single funnel liner tied up alongside a wharf with cranes. Captioned 'Athlone Castle - Bombay'.

Nine photographs taken from the ship looking down on people on the dockside.

Photographs 1 and 2 are from the deck looking down at people on the quayside. Photograph 3 and 5 are a clock tower at the dockside. Photograph 4, 7, 9 and 9 are views of the docks.

All photographs taken from the side of the ship showing people and marching soldiers on the dockside.

View across water many ships toed up alongside docks. Captioned 'Bombay Docks'.

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is captioned Butch standing in the garden at 10 The Mall.
Photo 2 is captioned Ernie on the beach at Bombay.
Photo 3 is captioned No 10 The Mall (Our billet) taken from the NW. Typical Indian House, looks…

A four storey flat roofed building with balconies in the top three floors on a corner position on a street with pavement. A sign for the 'Cafe Victory & Stores' on the ground floor, with a few steps leading up to the entrance. A group of servicemen,…

A cargo ship moored in port with a second ship next to it. Floating crane and two barges visible; long, low buildings in the background.

An electric multiple unit passenger train numbered 4 in a station with a covered roof. On the head unit, the sign reads "Churchgate". A second track is alongside the platform on which a number of men in Indian dress stand. There are electric wires…

Four men in tropical uniform standing in the middle of a street in front of the Mumbai Royal Institute of Science. They each have a camera. Bert Allen is on the right. To their left are two civilian men in turbans.

Mumbai water front with the Gateway monument and the Taj Mahal Hotel. The reverse is printed as a postcard.

Men standing alongside the Gateway, across an open space, with cars parked in front of the structure. On the reverse is noted 'Gateway of India, Mumbai built 1911'.

Street with trees and shops either side and people walking in road. Bus on right side. Captioned 'Hornby St Bombay'.

A list of 42 photographs with names and descriptions.


Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is six people round a funeral pyre, captioned 'Creamation' [sic]
Photo 2 is a monument captioned 'Gateway to India Bombay'.
Photo 3 is a man, plough and cow, captioned 'Farmer' and 'Ploughing'.
Photo 4 is a…

David Wilkie was born in Edinburgh. He volunteered for the RAF and began training as a flight engineer. While training at St Athan he met his future wife, Kathleen. He was posted to 432 Squadron with a Canadian crew. He witnessed the gathering of the…

Francis Burtenshaw lived in Teddington. He worked at the Hawker aircraft factory until he was called up to the Army. He was posted to India to work in Intelligence. He worked near the bases of Generals Auchinleck, Cawthorn and Wavell and was working…

Hugh Lorimer skipped school to see flying circus and won a flight in one of the aeroplanes. He later volunteered for the RAF and began training as a wireless operator. He was initially was posted to Special Duty Flight test flying in India. However,…
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