AS Coller Scrapbook Page 8



AS Coller Scrapbook Page 8


12 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - photograph of an airman standing beside a monument, captioned 'Birt Littlewood Kandy Ceylon'.
Item 2 - photograph of an airman seated, captioned 'Birt Littlewood Kandy Ceylon' and 'Our leave at Queen's Hotel, Kandy, Ceylon'.
Item 3 - photograph of an airman in tropical uniform beside a sign 'To AHQ Ceylon and SHQ Kandy'.
Item 4 - photograph of a hotel behind a lake, captioned 'Queen's Hotel Kandy Ceylon'.
Item 5 - photograph of a sign pointing one way to AHQ Ceylon and WAAF Camp and the other way to SHQ and Training Wing.
Item 6 - photograph is of a lake captioned 'Lake near Queens Hotel, Kandy'.
Item 7 - photograph of a street scene, captioned 'Road leading to docks Colombo Ceylon'.
Item 8 - photograph of a tower with a man on a bike at the front. It is captioned 'Clock Tower Jaffna Ceylon'.
Item 9 - photograph of the clock tower captioned 'Clock Tower not far from docks Colombo. Chatham Street Colombo Ceylon'.
Item 10 - photograph of a large building captioned 'Town Hall Jaffna Ceylon'.
Item 11 - the cover of a guide to Andaman and Nicobar Islands captioned 'A posting that never happened. We were landed in Bombay this was a typical happening'.
Item 12 - Souvenir of Voyage on the 'Duchess of Bedford'. Rangoon to Liverpool November-December 1946.



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