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Seven photographs from an album.
#1 Two policemen, a woman and a young girl.
#2 is the Cafe de la Paix.
#3 is a soldier, a man and Jack Wainwright at the steps of Beauvais cathedral.
#4 is two women and Jack Wainwright at the steps of the…

14 photographs from an album.
#1 is Notre Dame.
#2 is Sacre Coeur.
#3 is Les Invalides (Napoleon's Tomb).
#4 is the Opera.
#5 is Notre Dame.
#6 is Les Champs Elysees.
#7 is Rue Royale de la Madelaine.
#8 is Place Vendome.
#9 is Jardin du…

15 photographs from an album.
#1 is inside Sacre Coeur.
#2 is Sacre Coeur from La Rue de L'Abreuvoir.
#3 is Sacre Coeur from La Rue Norvins.
#4 and 5 are inside St Pierre.
#6 is inside Sacre Coeur.
#7 is Sacre Coeur and the cable railway.

12 photographs from an album.
#1 La Basilique du Sacre Coeur
#2 and 3 the gardens with the Basilique behind.
#4 Sacre Coeur interior -the Choir.
#5 Sacre Coeur facing west.
#6 Sacre Coeur from the Rue de Chevalier de la Barre.
#7 Sacre Coeur…

Seven ground crew standing in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse is a typed comment about a Rhodesian squadron bombing marshalling yards. Three of the ground crew are named.

Six men and women seated beside the Sacre Coeur Fountains in Paris. On the reverse 'Souvenir de Paris annee 1951 en vacances'.
A second image has only five men and women and has the same message on the reverse.
A third image has six men and women…

A group, including Jack, of five walking along a tree lined pavement. On the reverse 'Vacances Paris [indecipherable 1951'.

A letter referring to the night of the crash and George's subsequent escape via Switzerland. He was caught while trying to get to Spain and sent to Paris. After the war he worked for the post office in Calgary.

Writes that they had now completed 13 [..] trips and he had seen Paris in broad daylight. States that nights operation had been cancelled. The trips he enjoyed were those in support of the Army. Mentions Caen and the beach head. States he felt he was…

Covers period 28 January 1944 to 4 February 1944. Lists units for long range bombers, long range recce, fighter bomber, twin engine fighters, tactical recce and coastal. Followed by short note of disposition of fighters on western front. Follows a…

Flight Sergeant Walsh’s Navigator’s Flying Log Book detailing operations flown covering the period 01 September 1944 to 30 March 1945. He was stationed at RAF East Kirkby (57 Squadron) and RAF Fulbeck (189 Squadron). Aircraft flown in was…

Robert Palmer’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 12 May 1942 to 23 December 1944, detailing training and operations as a pilot and instructor. He was stationed at RAF Lossiemouth (No. 20 OTU), RAF Hullavington (No. 3 Flying Instructors School),…

Map from east of England to Germany with routes to numerous targets including Hamburg, Hanover, Magdeburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Duisburg, Essen, Kassel, Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Paris. A table at bottom right list bomb loads…

Postcard showing a view across a square with cars and pedestrians of a large domed building with multiple arched doorways and columned windows. On the reverse '989 Paris - Place de l'Opéra'.

German language printed form not filled out.

Photograph of the Eifel tower.

Postcard from the air over the city of Paris with river running left to right through the middle with bridge in centre.

Bottom left - view of Arc de Triumph in Paris.
Three other photographs removed with mountings still visible.

Left - a b/w postcard of Amiens cathedral.
Right - a ticket for Folies-Bergere

Left - b/w postcard with artwork of skull in candelabra. Captioned 'Cabaret du Néant - Paris-Montmartre L'ampac'aire funéraire'
Right - b/w postcard of people sitting on benches watching action on a small stage. Captioned 'Cabaret du Néant -…

French language programme with lists of drinks and menu. Artwork consisting of skulls and skeletons.
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