Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie



Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie


Writes that they had now completed 13 [..] trips and he had seen Paris in broad daylight. States that nights operation had been cancelled. The trips he enjoyed were those in support of the Army. Mentions Caen and the beach head. States he felt he was doing a real job with these targets.




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c/o No. 2. Sgts Mess.
R.A.F. Pocklington


Dear Winnie,

I don’t know whether I owe you a letter or up side down ways, any how you will owe me one now.

We have now completed 13.1/3 trips 1/3 of our tour, & “the last time I saw Paris” which was in broad day light yesterday it looked a horrible mess. Any fish smoking vendor had enough smoke to make his fortune on. We were supposed to be out tonight but its been cancelled so the result is you get a letter, good of me don’t you think.

We had a pretty good trip yesterday, but we didn’t stay as none of us could speak French very well, they made us very welcome matter of fact tried to force

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us to stay, but we hardened our [deleted] [indecipherable word] [/deleted] hearts to their warm reception gave them a few presents & came home. The trips I really enjoy are those in support of the army, we were on that first big Caen raid, it was a wizard do [deleted] trip [/deleted] the boys on the beach head going [indecipherable words] home ship, in the sea flashing to us you feel as though you are doing a real job when you are [deleted] of [/deleted] on those sort of targets. We certainly wasted Jerry in clearing the shore area that day.

Well that’s about the lot for [indecipherable words]

Cheerio for now


[underlined] Jim [/underlined]


J C Doughty, “Letter from Jimmy Doughty to his sister Winnie,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 6, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/38927.

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