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The two are in the cockpit of an aircraft, smiling at each other.

Three Canadian airmen standing in front of an aircraft. The caption at the top states 'Vic thanking Moose for find him + his crew after ditching from raid on Keil' and at the bottom 'Vic Motherwell Moose Heimpel'.

A group of RAF officers and members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force all standing apart from two who are kneeling in front. All are wearing uniform tunics. In the background trees. Captioned in white ink. Submitted with description 'Lunch at WAAF…

A document of 84 of the images in this collection. There is a thumbnail of the image, a caption and a credit.

The four are in a library. The two WAAFs are in a discussion and the two airmen are standing looking at books. On the reverse is handwritten 'RCAF HQ London 1944' and printed 'Royal Canadian Air Force Photography'.

On the left a man wearing dark civilian overcoat and hat. On the right a sergeant wearing an Royal Canadian Air Force greatcoat and side cap. In the background a house with windows and wooden balcony. Captioned 'Allan and his father George Bye'.…

An air-to-air-view of two Halifaxes seen from a third. The view from the upper turret.


Two of Robert Mitchell's crew sitting on top of their Halifax.

Two airmen are sitting on top of a Lancaster cockpit. Underneath is nose art featuring a round saw blade with wings cutting and producing sparks.
12 bombs are painted on.
There is a second image with 'PL28042'.

An Anson in the snow with two airmen standing at the port engine. It is captioned 'L to R - C. Haines Finnell, Rus, Bar [rest missing] Brantford -1942'.

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Two airmen in flying kit standing at the front of a Lancaster. it is annotated 'PL28587'.

Two airmen standing at the front of a Lancaster. One man is leaning on the propeller, the second has a hand-drill in his hand. On the nose of the Lancaster is painted a flying duck, 'Our Mary II' and 45 operation bombs.

A pilot and an engineer standing at the front of a Halifax. On the nose is painted a hand with its index finger raised pointing at the sky.

Two airmen sitting on the port outer engine of a Halifax during refuelling operations.

Two airmen are playing billiards with a small dog on the table. Behind them is a blackboard with diagrams chalked on and a poster explaining how to bale out.

Two seated airmen. One, a bomb aimer, is wearing boots, the other has paperwork and a cigarette.

Two airmen inside an aircraft. Information supplied with the collection states 'G H Walters Vict. BC'

Half-length portrait of two sergeant air gunners wearing tunic. On the reverse 'Les Knight Gordon Nordbye (Canada).

A half-length portrait of three airmen. One is identified as 'Tom Lee' in extra information supplied with the collection.

Quote from Byron with note 'this is my wish for you' from Sgt Nav Cecil E Wood from Canada.

The story of an attack by Pathfinders of 35,105,109 and 582 Squadrons 23 December 1944. Tribute to Robert pPalmer and thirty comrades who died with him. Contains history of Battle of the Bulge. Description of Oboe system. List of aircraft and crews…

Top a row of Tiger Moths on an airfield. Captioned 'Tiger Moths at Bowden'.
Bottom - a Tiger Moth parked on an airfield with two men standing in front.

The five are sitting and reading in a mess. On the reverse 'Royal Canadian Air Force Photography'.

The front two Halifaxes have their engines running. The most distant one is static.
In front are two bicycles and some equipment.
Additional information supplied with the collection identifies the location as RAF Tholthorpe.
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