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John, dressed in desert uniform with short and rolled up sleeves. He is leaning on an oil barrel outside a grassed walled building with a rolled up canvas doorway. On the reverse 'This was taken outside my old hut'.

A row of five single storey, pitched grass roofed huts arranged along a tree lined roadway. The entrances have screens and lights above with utility wires passing above. On the reverse 'This snap shot shows an avenue of huts similar to the one I am…

Single storey grass roofed huts with a serviceman standing outside number 22. The huts are arranged along a roadway with trees. The reverse is annotated 'This shows part of an avenue of huts. Unfortunately I took it the wrong way round'.

John standing, with hands in pockets, outside grass huts. He is wearing long socks, shorts and shirt, rolled up sleeves and a half cap with a white band. On the reverse 'Yours truly in front of grass huts'.

John, reading wearing long wooden socks, shorts and shirt with rolled up sleeves. His head is resting on a pillow top of folded blankets above which is hanging a metal mess tin. Other camp beds are arranged along the corrugated wall with uniforms…

Two rows barracks with a short joining barrack around an open space with furled canvas fronts, inside of which are rows of camp beds. Telegraph wires and poles pass above the barracks with trees in the background. There are three men standing in the…

John sat on his camp bed with a fellow serviceman laid on an adjacent bed, both reading. They are in a corrugated barrack with wooden shelves holding tinned boxes, safari pith helmets with uniforms hanging below. Mugs and eating utensils are arranged…

Three buildings with pitched roofs and open colonnades. Rope fencing and painted blocks delicate between the roadway and grassed areas in front. Three uniformed men walk toward a hall outside of which is a parked van. On the reverse 'This shows the…

A view of a camp with a roundel flag flying from a central flagpole. There are lines of uniformed men on parade between the flagpole and a row of six single storey, grass roofed buildings. There are further scattered single storey buildings with…

Five men in tropical gear arranged outside their tent.

Four airmen, wearing khaki, standing in the entrance to a tent. Bernard Ross is shirtless and leaning on a bomb tail unit, two others are leaning against the tent pole and the third is holding a guy rope. The middle one of the three has a navigator…

Four airmen at the entrance to a tent. Three are wearing khaki shorts and shirts and one, Bernard Ross, is wearing a singlet. Two of the men are squatting, one is seated and wears a navigator brevet and the fourth man is standing. A bomb tail unit is…

An informal group of five airmen and five members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, in a mess. All are in uniform and are seated or standing around a small table, on which there are drinks and empty glasses. One of the women is wearing a tunic with…

Six airmen in battledress, three standing and three lying in the entrance to a bell tent. There are Nissen huts behind.

Six airmen in battledress, with brevets. Three are sitting in the ground and three behind them, sitting on a bench. Bernard Ross is seated on the left. The airman front centre is a pilot. The one at the rear left is holding a book. In the background…

Five men wearing khaki shorts, shirts and pith helmet, standing in line by a tent. Four have towels. On the reverse 'Ras el [....], French Morocco'.

1. Two young men, standing in the sea.
2. A young man, wearing shorts and boots, sitting in the sun. Behind him is some material suspended on posts, like a windbreak. Some towels are hanging above this and at the left edge of the photograph there is…

1. An airman appears to be digging in a field. Behind him are several tents.
2. Two young men digging in a field. One is swinging a pick axe while the other is holding a spade. A tent is visible behind them.
3. A young man sitting in the sun in…

A cartoon of a prisoner with a forced air camp stove for boiling water. It is dated Oct 17 1944. It is drawn on a prisoner of war postcard.

Six airmen, two with musical instruments, in a room in a wooden building. One man is laying on the top of a double bunk

Four men seated in a dormitory. Also in the scene are beds, bed clothes (made into in a bed pack), a suitcase and a jacket and trousers on a hanger.

Top left: A F Nye astride a motorbike. On reverse, 'speed king MI*'.
Top right: Six men on a motorbike. On reverse, 'six men on a byke'.
Bottom left: Licensing star mounted on a building'. On reverse: 'What is it?'
Bottom right: Man standing…

Top left: man sat reading a newspaper. On reverse, 'Les Harris'.
Centre: Three servicemen sat outside a Nissen hut. On reverse. 'Three oppo's'.
Bottom left: Inside Nissen hut bar. On reverse: 'The transit mess'.
Bottom right: Man sat on wicker…

A panoramic view of the camp from the roof of a hut. Several huts can be seen.
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