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Harvard, KF98[?], tied down and chocked on a gravel airfield. On the reverse 'A Harvard'.


Front quarter view of a Harvard on the ground with engine running.


A front/port side view of a Harvard.

The Harvard in a near vertical climb. On the reverse 'Ross takes the Harvard into a loop on a Winter evening. SFTS 42'.
On a second photograph an airfield with many aircraft can be seen under the wing. It is captioned 'I bank over Scoudouc 'Drome…

Top - a Harvard with engine running and men in front and rear cockpits. Groundcrew standing on starboard wing by cockpit and one by port wingtip. Captioned 'W/C Baxter, Harvard, Heston 1940'. Submitted with description 'W/Cdr Baxter sat in RAF…


Top left - side view of Harvard on airfield. Top right - four student pilots wearing flying suits standing in front of a Harvard. Captioned 'Left to Right, Yours truly. Les Mills, McAteer (Irish) & Rogers'. Bottom left - four pilots wearing flying…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a Harvard parked on the snow with its engine running, captioned 'Off to Work'.
Photo 2 and 3 are oblique aerial photographs centred on a park, captioned 'I wonder why they built it (?) Weyburn…

An air-to-air view of a North American Harvard, RCAF 3838, 'DM' in flight, taken from the side.


On the left side a Harvard with main wheels on the ground and tail wheel still up landing on a grass surface. In the background a track and low trees. On the reverse 'One of the boys landing on satellite drome at Eglin Field, Florida'.

The wing of a Harvard as it lands on a snowy airfield. On the reverse 'We slash down the runway on a Winter morning. What's snow & ice to men like us!!! Cheers, I'm half dead with cold. Nov 42'.

Harvard in flight unit markings FB-GB, caption 'Myself at Mattopos Dam Near Bulawayo , March 1945'.

A side view of a training aircraft '62' stripped for inspection. On the reverse 'BT17A Miami Okla'.

Five photographs of Harvards in flight.
#1 is nine Harvards in formation.
#2 is a single Harvard, N588, in close formation.
#3 is six Harvards in close formation.
#4 is two Harvards in formation. On the reverse 'Peeling off'.
#5 is four Harvards…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a Tiger Moth and a Harvard, captioned 'A Tiger Moth visits us'.
Photo 2 is an air-to-air view of two Harvards in the air, captioned 'Cookie's aircraft from mine. Frank in the distance'.
Photo 3 is a…

Top left - view of front of Harvard with pilot in cockpit. Captioned 'McAteer'. Top right - an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap standing at the top of steps in open door of a building. Middle - side view of Harvard with pilot in the cockpit.…

A postcard of 14 Harvards in a line with a parade of airmen marching past. It is captioned 'Greetings from Moncton, N.B.'

Five photographs, first Harvard in flight, captioned 'Self flying Mk IIa Harvard'. Second, Harvard in flight captioned 'Friend flying Harvard'.
Third, aerial view of three small towns captioned, 'Thornhill Gwelo Moffat'. Fourth, aerial view,…

Top left - line of Harvards on airfield Captioned 'Harvard II'. Top right - line of Harvards in the distance. Bottom left - Front quarter view of Harvard with buildings in the background. Bottom left - nose of a Harvard with hangar in the background.…

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Daily entries for most of year 1941, First half of year entries cover events in England before joining Royal Air Force. Entry for May includes call up papers and travel to Stratford on Avon. June move to Scarborough. August to Wilmslow, sea journey…

Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book for Hedley R Madgett, covering the period from 23 September 1941 to 15 August 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RCAF Swift Current, RCAF Medicine Hat, RAF…

Left - five airmen standing in line. Four wearing tunic and side cap and the middle man wearing greatcoat and fur hat. In the background a two story building. Captioned 'my Harvard instructor P/O Hansel, with his pupils: Nev Oakley, Me, "Tuck"…
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